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Stephanie Liebergen

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Stephanie Liebergen joined Newsy in February 2016. She focuses on news of the day, writing about everything from breaking news to politics to puppies. She also works on Newsy's weekly in-depth analysis show, "What The Fact." She has a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and before joining Newsy, she worked as a TV news producer in Kansas City and Sacramento. If you have a story pitch, fact-check idea or wine recommendation, you can find her on Twitter.

  Recent Work
An oil pump in a field.
Getty ImagesSci/Health

How America Reached The Edge Of Energy Independence

person vaping
Getty ImagesU.S.

India Issues Total Ban Of E-Cigarettes

Elaine Chao
Getty ImagesPolitics

House Panel Launches Investigation Into Transportation Secretary

People voting.
Getty ImagesPolitics

Why Do Low-Polling Presidential Candidates Stay In The Race?

President Donald Trump
Getty ImagesPolitics

Federal Appeals Court Revives Emoluments Lawsuit Against Trump

ABC News debate stage in Houston.
Getty ImagesPolitics

Democrats Highlight Policy, Ideological Differences In 3rd Debate

Getty ImagesPolitics

State Attorney Says Florida's Red Flag Law Is Being Used Daily

CIA seal.
Getty ImagesPolitics

What We Do And Don't Know About The U.S. Spy Extracted From Russia

U.S. Capitol
Getty ImagesPolitics

Congress Returns To DC And Faces A Long Agenda

Students at graduation ceremony
Getty ImagesU.S.

99% Of Applications Denied In Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Program

U.K. and EU flags
Getty ImagesWorld

U.K. House Of Lords Approves Bill To Block No-Deal Brexit

Radar image of Hurricane Dorian over North Carolina.
National Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationU.S.

Hurricane Dorian Makes Landfall In North Carolina

Construction of the border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.
U.S. Customs and Border ProtectionPolitics

Defense Department Announces Where It Plans To Build New Border Wall

Officer stands in doorway of polling station in the U.K.
Getty ImagesWorld

Why The U.K. Might Hold Another Snap Election

Doctor giving a vaccine.
Getty ImagesU.S.

California Assembly Passes Bill To Crack Down On Vaccine Exemptions

Patient getting chemotherapy treatment.
Getty ImagesSci/Health

Study Found Cancer Caused Higher Share Of Deaths In Some Countries

Wind and rain from Hurricane Dorian
Instagram / nahte_damorU.S.

Hurricane Dorian Is Already Breaking Records

University students protest in Hong Kong.
Getty ImagesWorld

Students In Hong Kong Protest On First Day Of Class

Satellite image of Hurricane Dorian
National Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationU.S.

Hurricane Dorian Plus King Tide Equals An Extra-Dangerous Situation

U.S. Marine
Getty ImagesPolitics

New USCIS Policy Doesn't Impact Birthright Citizenship

A malfunctioning electronic voting machine
Ethan PetersonPolitics

Video Shows Voting Machine Malfunctioning In Mississippi

Facebook logo
Getty ImagesTech

Political Ads On Facebook Will Soon Go Through More Scrutiny

Amazon rainforest
Brazilian Ministry of EnvironmentWorld

A Look At The Amazon Fund, A Key Money Source For The Rainforest

Wildfire in the Amazon rainforest.
Getty ImagesWorld

G-7 Leaders Promise To Send $22 Million In Aid To The Amazon

Firefighter battles fire in the Amazon.
Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Renewable Natural ResourcesWorld

Wildfires In The Amazon Are Uniquely Difficult To Fight

Newborn baby.
Getty ImagesPolitics

A Look At The Possible Impact Of Ending Birthright Citizenship

People protest and call for Officer Daniel Pantaleo to be fired.
Getty ImagesU.S.

NYPD Commissioner Fires Officer Who Put Eric Garner In A Chokehold

A worker packs up new smartphone devices at the end of the production line at Huawei's production campus
Getty ImagesPolitics

U.S. Will Continue Allowing Some Transactions With China's Huawei

Uber at the New York Stock Exchange
Getty ImagesBusiness

How Do Companies Lose Billions And Still Stay Afloat?

Bayer Pharmaceuticals logo
Getty ImagesU.S.

Bayer Might Pay $8 Billion To Settle All The Roundup Lawsuits