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Sasha Ingber is a national security reporter located in Newsy's Washington, D.C., bureau. Before joining Newsy, she was a breaking news reporter at NPR, covering major national and international events including the Trump administration's denuclearization talks with North Korea, former special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe, the arrest of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, and the Hong Kong protests. Sasha has been a frequent contributor of articles and videos to National Geographic, and the associate editor of a Smithsonian culture and travel publication. A Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting grantee, her work has also appeared in The Washington Post Magazine, The Atlantic, ESPN, and other publications. In 2016, she co-founded Music in Exile [], a multimedia nonprofit organization that documents the music and stories of refugees. Her trips to Iraq and Bangladesh have led to collaborations with the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and the International Committee of the Red Cross -- as well as media appearances on major radio shows and panel moderation for the Kennedy Center. Before starting a career in journalism, she worked at the U.S. State Department, monitoring and debunking Russian disinformation. She holds a Master's degree in writing from Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor's degree in radio, film, and television from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Follow Sasha on Twitter @SashaIngber.

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Disinformation Experts, Security Officials Urge Media Literacy

American flag at courthouse
AP ImagesU.S.

Foreign Adversaries Are Funding Domestic Extremism In The U.S.

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Muted Protests Across The Country After States Fortified Security

AP ImagesWorld

Analysts Say Growing China-Russia Alliance Presents New Threats

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Leaked FBI Memo Shows Armed Protests Planned In All 50 States

Pro-Trump rioters march toward Capitol
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Former CIA, DHS, FBI: Capitol Riot Opens Pandora's Box Of Problems

Rioters in U.S. Capitol
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Pro-Trump Rioters Storm U.S. Capitol

Sky Lakes Medical Center / FacebookTech

Hospitals Attacked With Ransomware Amid Vaccine Distribution

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Pres.-elect Biden's CIA Director Search Complicated By Torture Report

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Iran Mourns Assassinated Nuclear Scientist And Vows To Chase Killers

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'Anonymous' Hacker Comes Forward And Vows To Take Down QAnon

President-elect Joe Biden behind a podium
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Urgent National Security Matters Await Pres.-Elect Joe Biden

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Trump Fires Cybersecurity Director Who Defied Election Fraud Claims


Thousands At 'Million MAGA March,' Unmasked And Talking Election Fraud


Chaotic Transition Leaves Pres.-Elect Biden Without Intel Briefings

QAnon follower at protest
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Ex-QAnon Follower: 'This Is How You Get Good People To Do Bad Things'

Protesters at vote counting center
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False Election Fraud Claims Incite Voter Protests At Counting Centers

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Fake Emails, Robocalls And Texts Target Voters Ahead Of Election Day

AP ImagesU.S.

Iran, Russia Deny Taking Voter Information To Influence U.S. Election

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Former CIA Officers See Signs of Russia In Hunter Biden Laptop Story

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Disobey Military Orders? Law Group Offers Troops Advice Amid Election

North Korea showed off its largest ICBM during a military parade.
Newsy / Jennifer SmartPolitics

Visual Evidence From North Korean Parade Shows Expanding Arsenal

Military parade during celebrations to mark the 70th anniversary of North Korea's Workers' Party
Wong Maye-E / APPolitics

Analysts Expect To See A New Weapon At North Korea Military Parade

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Charges Against ISIS Beatles 'A Long Time Coming' Says Victim's Mother

President Donald Trump
Carolyn Kaster / APSci/Health

Pres. Trump's COVID Diagnosis A Big National Security 'Vulnerability'

President Donald Trump
Patrick Semansky / APPolitics

At Debate, Pres. Trump Refuses To Commit To Accepting Election Results

Images of Donald Trump and Joe Biden
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Debate Night: Trump And Biden Clash On Election Issues

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Contentious Supreme Court Nomination Sparks A Safety Call For Justices

FBI Director Christopher Wray
John McDonnell / The Washington Post / APPolitics

FBI Director Christopher Wray Testifies To House Committee

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Scientists Weigh In On Secret Weapon Trump Cited In Woodward Interview