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Dave Franco is a videographer for Newsy. He has worked in film and video for over a decade. He got his bachelor's degree in film from the University of Colorado at Denver. He hopes that through his work, he can bring clarity to the world as seen through the lens of a camera.

  Recent Work
Children boarding a school bus.

What's The Risk Of Riding The School Bus?

An empty classroom.

What's The Risk Of School Lunch In A Classroom?

COVID 19 vaccine prepared to administer to a volunteer at a clinic in London.
Kirsty Wigglesworth / APSci/Health

Health Expert Warns Vaccine Race Can't Trade Safety For Speed

Mayra Ramirez and Brian Kuhns are both recovering from double lung transplants after COVID-19 complications.
Northwestern MedicineSci/Health

Patients Share Stories Of Double Lung Transplant After COVID-19

Someone gets an experimental coronavirus vaccine.
University of Oxford via APSci/Health

How Do Vaccine Trials Get Their Volunteer Testers?

Nurse Kathe Olmstead, gives Melissa Harting an injection as the world's biggest COVID-19 study begins.
AP Photo/Hans PenninkSci/Health

Largest COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Underway

Researcher in lab
John Cairns, University of Oxford via APSci/Health

Could CBD Help Fight Severe Cases Of COVID-19?

A pregnant woman wearing a face mask and gloves
AP Photo/Charles KrupaSci/Health

Research Suggests Pregnant Women May Pass COVID-19 To Their Babies

Socially distanced classroom
Twitter/Andrew McGuireSci/Health

Teachers, Doctors Wary Of Health Risks Of Reopening Schools

Jason Janahanian, 39, is recovering after being in the ICU for COVID-19 in April 2020.

Younger COVID-19 Patients May Face Recovery Complications

National Committee of Asian American Republicans at a Trump Rally in 2016
National Committee of Asian American RepublicansSci/Health

How 'Kung Flu' Rhetoric Impacts The Asian American GOP Vote

Hairdresser and customer

How Risky Is Getting My Hair Cut?

A gas pump.

Can I Get COVID-19 By Pumping Gas?

People in airport

How Risky is Flying Right Now?

People riding bicycles

How Risky Is A Passing Cyclist For Contracting COVID-19?

A person works out at the gym.

What's The Risk Of Attending A Group Workout Class?

Chris GroppU.S.

Mass Protests Could Lead To Surge In COVID-19 Cases

A hospital bed with a "corona curtain"
Newsy/Dave FrancoU.S.

Hospital's Inexpensive 'Corona Curtain' Could Help Save Lives

Veronica Markley, a pregnant mother is recovering from COVID-19.
Newsy/Dave FrancoU.S.

Many Questions Remain About Pregnancy And COVID-19

Someone wearing a mask on a phone.

COVID-19 Has More People Seeking Out Therapy For First Time

Child Walks Through Grocery Store

What's The Risk Of Bringing My Kid On Errands With Me?

A mother and daughter.

What Risk Am I, My Child At If I Share Custody?

An ambulance outside a hospital

What's My Risk of Getting COVID-19 If I Live Near A Hospital?

Senators listen to Anthony Fauci
Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post via AP, PoolSci/Health

Top U.S. Doctors Hope These Treatments Can Bridge The Gap To A Vaccine

A couple holds hands

What's The Risk Of Getting COVID-19 If I Visit My Significant Other?

A woman on her cell phone.
Newsy/Dave FrancoU.S.

Can I Get COVID-19 From My Cell Phone?

Jason Jahanian's wife listens to his lungs
Dave FrancoU.S.

COVID-19 Patients Still Face A Long Recovery After The ICU

Woman wearing mask looks at closet

Can You Get COVID-19 From Your Clothing?

A dental hygienist.

What's The Risk Of Getting COVID-19 Working As A Dental Hygienist?

A woman picks up takeout
Dave FrancoU.S.

What's My Risk Of Catching COVID-19 If I Order Takeout?