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Chance Seales

Host, "The Why"

Chance Seales hosts Newsy's evening show "The Why." He's led national coverage of presidents, Congress and the Supreme Court from Washington for broadcast companies like Nexstar and Media General, and worked at Newsy in its earliest days. Chance and his husband live in D.C. and are the (way too) proud dads of Bear and Peggy, the world's sweetest French bulldogs.

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Allbirds in various colors

How Business Casual Became The Norm And Re-dressed The Workforce

Newsy's Chance Seales with journalist Anna Fifield
Eric Lochstamfor/ Luke Piotrowski/ NewsyWorld

Inside North Korea: From Meth To Elite Millennials And Kim Jong-Un

Office workers
Getty ImagesBusiness

Open Salary Models Hold Risks and Benefits

Plants and flowers
Mai Carranza-Nolasco, Megan SmithU.S.

Dream Jobs: Landscape Architect

Former U.S. Navy Admiral William H. McRaven

Admiral McRaven Talks Life, Saddam Hussein And Millennials

Woman cutting hedges
Getty ImagesU.S.

Starting A Hobby Supercharges Brain Cells

Workers on a line
Getty ImagesU.S.

'Passions' Are Cultivated Not Discovered

Beach seen through a window
Getty imagesU.S.

The Forever Worker: Companies Can't Get Americans To Take Vacations

German couple in plain clothes
Getty ImagesU.S.

Classifying 'Middle Class' Is Messy Business

Photographer taking a photo
Newsy/ Eric LochstamforU.S.

Dream Jobs: Photographer

Graphic of Norman Bates from "Psycho"
Newsy/Nathan BrinerU.S.

What Attracts Us To Some Villains More Than Others?

House with "Available" sign
Getty ImagesU.S.

Small Towns See A 'Brain Gain' As People Grow Tired Of Cities

Chance Seales and Charlie Slowes in Nats seats
Megan Smith/NewsyU.S.

Dream Jobs: Sports Announcer

Dogs in a group
Getty ImagesU.S.

There's A Reason 'Pet Parents' Are So Common Now

Dog with tongue out
Newsy/ Megan SmithU.S.

Dream Jobs: Veterinarian

A woman speaks at a microphone
Getty ImagesU.S.

Very Vocal: The 'Perfect Pitch' Predicts Elections, Sexual Attraction

Wall of Dr. Mehta's Office
Eric Lochstamfor/NewsySci/Health

Dream Jobs: Clinical Psychologist

Fight for 15 protester
Getty ImagesPolitics

The Rise And Decline Of The American Labor Union

Ring digital doorbell
Getty ImagesTech

The Invisible World Of The 'Internet Of Things'

Monique Wise in Cuba
Wanderlust My WayU.S.

Dream Jobs: Travel Blogger

Memorial of Oklahoma City bombing
Getty ImagesU.S.

'Sovereign Citizens' Are Deemed A Serious Threat, Yet Largely Unknown

Illustration of dandelion child and orchid child
Nathan Briner/NewsyU.S.

Kids' Inner Lives Begin With Their Inner Ears

A dentist holding his tools
Getty ImagesSci/Health

From Barbers To Dentists: Why There's Different Insurance For Teeth

Mother in a grocery store with her child
Getty imagesTech

Geofence: The Invisible Way Companies Use Data To Track You Everywhere

Migrants walk towards camera
Getty ImagesPolitics

Some Achievable Fixes To The Asylum System

Cast of "Star Trek" at NASA facility

The Modern World That Sci-Fi Foresaw

Man at the voting booth
Getty imagesPolitics

The Grand History Of Broken Promises From Presidential Candidates

NASA footage of planet with moons
Getty ImagesSci/Health

Scientists Are Fighting Over Whether We Should Contact Aliens

Man swimming
Getty ImagesSci/Health

A Brain-centric Approach To Exercise

Vase in the interior decorator's show house
Newsy/Luke PiotrowskiU.S.

Dream Jobs: Interior Decorator