CNN: Trump Administration May Expand Its Travel Ban To More Countries

CNN: Trump Administration May Expand Its Travel Ban To More Countries
An administration official reportedly told CNN the ban could soon include countries that are noncompliant with information sharing.

CNN reports the Trump administration is considering adding new countries to the travel ban list, potentially expanding the controversial policy that has been accused of discriminating against Muslims.

A senior administration official reportedly told CNN that discussions have focused on expanding the ban to include countries that are not compliant with electronic documents and information sharing. Less than five countries are reportedly under consideration.

The official also said the goal of the additions would be to "bring governments into compliance by using the power of access to the United States." They said travel restrictions would be tailored to each country, so any new additions to the list may not be subject to a total ban.

The travel ban took effect in 2018, when the Supreme Court upheld its third iteration following a series of lower court disputes over its legality. It imposes varying levels of restrictions on seven countries: Iran, Venezuela, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Yemen and North Korea.

And it's had a major effect. A State Department official testified in September that more than 31,000 people had been denied entry to the U.S. since the ban was implemented.

Earlier this year, Democrats introduced a bill in the House and Senate called the No Ban Act, which aims to overturn the travel ban. The measure is not expected to pass in the Republican-controlled Senate.