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This Shelter Has Brought Safe Living To Thousands
At Least 6 Dead In Shooting At Quebec Mosque
US Service Member Dies In Raid Against Al-Qaeda In Yemen
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Iran Responds To Trump's Ban With A Ban Of Its Own
Berlin's Mayor Urges Trump To Rethink The US Southern Border Wall
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Ambassador Nikki Haley Warns UN: 'We're Taking Names'
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Germany Legalizes Insulting Foreign Leaders As Trump Takes Office
In War-Torn Somalia, Wellness Program Offers Peace After Violence
Dutch CEO Strapped Himself To A Windmill To Make This Announcement
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UK Downplayed The Severity Of This Conflict To Avoid Taking People In
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The Transfer Of Power To Gambia's President-Elect Isn't Going Well
Dozens Missing After Avalanche Buries Italian Mountainside Hotel
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Relatives Of Missing MH370 Passengers Face Suspended Search Efforts
Facebook Is Taking Its Fight Against Fake News International
Election Of Top EU Official Gets Little Attention Before Vote
France Hosts Israel-Palestine Peace Talks Without Israel Or Palestine
Devs Testing Story
The Eiffel Tower Might Be Getting A Makeover
Winter In Greece Means Snow, Rain And Freezing Temps For Refugees
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Stonehenge Might Get An Underground Tunnel For Cars
Taiwan And Others Scramble Jets As China Ramps Up Military Action
Saudi Women Filmed Themselves Breaking Rules In The Name Of Equality
Volkswagen Says It Will Plead Guilty In Vehicle Emissions Scandal
EU Court Says Muslim Girls Must Attend Co-Ed Swimming Classes
Ghana's New President Plagiarized Parts Of His Inauguration Speech
Republicans Meet With Taiwan's President Despite Chinese Tensions
16 Suspects Arrested In Kardashian West Jewelry Heist
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Like The Presidents Before Him, Trump Wants To Improve Russian Ties
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