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TikTok To Sue Trump Administration Over Executive Order Ban
'It's Overwhelming' — The Chinese App Ban Could Cut Off Families
Facebook Will Let Employees Work From Home Through July 2021
Trump Bars U.S. Firms From Doing Business With TikTok's Parent Company
Facebook, Twitter Cite Trump Campaign For COVID-19 Misinformation
Google Accidentally Rolls Out Extra Listening Feature On Speakers
Microsoft Confirms It's In Talks To Purchase U.S. Arm Of TikTok
Federal Authorities Fear Ransomware Threats To November Election
President Trump Says He Will Use Executive Powers To Ban TikTok
Florida Teenager And 2 Others Charged In Twitter Hack
Twitter Permanently Bans Former KKK Leader David Duke
Disney+ Is Now Home To Beyoncé's Newest Album, 'Black Is King'
Big Tech Earnings Surge While U.S. Sees Record-Worst Quarter
Congress, Tech CEOs Spar Over Surveillance, Bias In Antitrust Hearing
World's Largest Tech Show Will Be Entirely Digital Due To Pandemic
The First-Ever Online Theater Company Is Turning Screens Into Stages
Trump Administration Moves To Tighten Social Media Regulations
Twitter Temporarily Suspends Donald Trump Jr.'s Account
Some Google Employees Can Work From Home Until July 2021
Facebook Ups Its Offer To Settle Face Recognition Lawsuit By $100M
TikTok Poses Similar Data And Privacy Risks As Facebook, Google
Redesigning Hollywood: How Will Variety Shows Look After The Pandemic?
China's Launch Of Mars Probe Stirs New Generation Space Race With U.S.
Twitter Cracking Down On QAnon Conspiracy Theory Accounts
Data-Sharing Pact Between EU and U.S. Struck Down By Top Court
Twitter Accounts Including Biden's, Bezos' Hacked In Bitcoin Scam
U.S. Contact Tracing Efforts Face Setbacks Over Privacy, Tech Issues
Reports: Facebook Considers Banning Political Ads On Its Platforms
Audit Finds Facebook Made 'Devastating' Moderation Errors
Facebook CEO Meets With Civil Rights Groups Behind Advertising Boycott
The Trump Administration Considers Banning TikTok
TikTok To Leave Hong Kong In Response To National Security Law
How The Facebook Ad Boycott May Also Help Fight Misinformation
YouTube Bans Several High-Profile White Supremacist Channels
Pepsi, Ford And More Join List Of Brands Boycotting Social Media Ads
Detroit Man's Arrest Highlights Racial Bias In Facial Recognition Tech
Why Video Games Are Looking More Like Movies
Patagonia Joins Ad Boycott Against Facebook And Instagram
Facebook Announces $200 Million Investment In Black Businesses
Google Announces Efforts To Boost Number Of Black Executives
DOJ Proposes Rolling Back Legal Protection For Tech Companies
Iran Pushes False COVID-19, Protest Info In Effort To Lift Sanctions
Facebook To Allow Users To Turn Off Political Advertisements
Amazon Bans Police Use Of Its Facial Recognition Technology For A Year
IBM Will No Longer Make Or Offer Facial Recognition Software
COVID-19 Has Shifted Social Media Content Moderation From Humans To AI
Big Tech's Racial Injustice Action Misses How It's Fed Into The Issue
Facebook To Add Labels On Content From State-Run Media
Google Faces $5B Suit For Allegedly Tracking Private Internet Browsing
Twitter Flags Florida Congressman's Tweet For "Glorifying Violence"
'Blackout Tuesday' Is Reaching Millions, But Not In The Way Intended
Facebook Employees Hold Virtual 'Walkout' Over Handling Of Trump Posts
China, Russia Accused Of Using Protests To Sow Discord On Social Media
Twitter Flags President Trump's Tweet For Glorifying Violence
Asian Americans Are More Represented In The Media Than Ever Before
Trump Signs Order That Targets Legal Protections for Social Media
Trump Lashes Out After Twitter Applies Warning Label To His Tweets
Apple Reopening 100 Stores In The U.S.
Twitter Adds First Fact-Check Label To President Trump's Tweets
How 'Animal Crossing' Became A Quarantine Cultural Phenomenon
Run Out Of Stuff To Watch? HBO Max Is Launching This Week
China Launches New Social Media Offensive In COVID-19 Information War
U.N. Official Warns Cybercrime Up 600% During COVID-19 Pandemic
Concerns Raised About CDC Handling Of Virus Test Results
Zuckerberg Projects Half Of Facebook Employees Could Be Remote By 2030
QAnon Conspiracy Movement Gains Followers In Uncertain Times
The U.S. Needs Tens Of Thousands Of Contact Tracers. Most Aren't There
U.S. Tightens Restrictions On Huawei, China Calls It 'Unreasonable'
How Should You Talk To Someone Who Shares False COVID-19 Info?
Debunked COVID-19 'Plandemic' Conspiracy Driven By Uncertainty
U.S. Agencies Warn Chinese Hackers Are Targeting Coronavirus Research
Facebook Says It's Flagged Millions Of COVID-19 Misinformation Posts
Facebook To Pay $52 Million In Settlement For Moderators' PTSD
Twitter To Label All Misleading Or Disputed Tweets About COVID-19
Tech, Privacy Issues May Limit Adoption Of COVID Contact Tracing Apps
The Path Forward: Using Telehealth To Treat COVID-19 Patients Safely
Apple, Google To Ban Location Tracking In COVID-19 Tracing Apps
What Are People Actually Watching During The Pandemic?
This Web-Slinging Superhero Hosted A Live Trivia Game From Home
TikTok Donates $10 Million To Fight COVID-19 In Africa
NY Attorney General Questions Amazon's "Inadequate" COVID-19 Response
More Cities Are Testing Drones As Tools To Control COVID-19 Spread
NASA Develops Ventilator Prototype for COVID-19 Patients
Conspiracy Theories Falsely Link COVID-19 To Bill Gates
China Pushed Panic-Inducing COVID-19 Disinfo In U.S., Officials Allege
Netflix Gained Over 15 Million New Subscribers Since The Start Of 2020
Facebook Launches Gaming App
FCC Set To Approve New 5G Wireless Network, Despite Pentagon Warnings
Conspiracy Theories Linking 5G And COVID-19 Spread
Streaming Is Thriving Amid The Pandemic. Can Newcomers Succeed, Too?
Digital Contact Tracing Could Help End Quarantine. Here's How It Works
Amazon To Sell More Nonessential Items As It Hires 75,000 Workers
Google and Apple Partner On Coronavirus Contact Tracing Technology
Amazon To Pause Its Third-Party Delivery Service Starting In June
Twitter CEO To Donate $1 Billion To Help Coronavirus Efforts
Lawmakers Call For Investigation Into Zoom
Protecting The Power Grid Through Covid-19
HBO Is Unlocking Nearly 500 Hours Of Content To Stream For Free
Facebook Plans To Hire 10,000 New Workers By The End Of The Year
New Study On Chloroquine's Efficacy May Add To COVID-19 'Infodemic'