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U.S. To Buy, Share 500M More Pfizer Vaccine Doses
United Airlines To Require New Employees Be Vaccinated For COVID-19
Arizona Wildfires Scorch More Than 140,000 Acres
Pfizer Tests COVID-19 Vaccine On Children Ages 5 To 11
KGTV: San Diego Sees Surge In Migrants From COVID-Stricken Countries
Cicadas Delay Reporters' Flight From D.C. To U.K.
KMGH: Colorado Family Vies For New Alzheimer's Drug
WFTS: Reviewing A Tale Of Two Viruses
'Joints For Jabs' Underway In Washington State
EU Lawmakers Endorse COVID Travel Certificate
KOAA: Colorado Woman Fights For Compensation After Vaccine Reaction
U.S. May Not Meet President's Vaccination Goal
Pfizer Testing COVID Vaccine In Children Younger Than 12
Physicists Prove Origins Of Northern Lights
KMGH: Scammers Target Vaccine Recipients With Promises Of Cash
Oil Prices Continue To Rise
WXYZ: Families Say New Alzheimer's Drug Offers Hope
CDC: Fewer Than 15,000 New COVID Cases Per Day
What You Need To Know About The FDA-Approved Drug For Alzheimer's
More Dangerous Delta Variant Of COVID Now Spreading
FDA Approves Highly Debated Alzheimer’s Drug
COVID Aid To Small Venues At A Trickle
Amazon's Jeff Bezos Announces He'll Travel To Space
Should Kids Keep Wearing Face Masks Post-Pandemic?
Why Wyoming Is Becoming The Most Vaccine-Hesitant State
Colorado To Announce Scholarship Lottery Winners
Hospitals See A Rise In Cyberattacks During The Pandemic
WXYZ: The Quest To Improve The Next Generation Of COVID Vaccines
Mississippi Last In Nation For Number Of Fully Vaccinated People
Former Leaders Urge G-7 To Help Vaccinate Poor
Group Matches Canines With Wounded Veterans
Mysterious New Honey Flavor Stumps Beekeepers
A Look At How The Pandemic Crippled U.S. Hospitals
Republicans Attack Dr. Fauci On Emails, Claim He Misled Americans
Newly Rising COVID-19 Cases Cause Concerns In Parts of the World
University Fund Helps Cancer Survivors To The Finish Line
This University's Virus Tracker Could Pave The Way For Other Campuses
WRTV: Diabetic Teen Hopes To Inspire Others
U.S. UFO Report Can't Rule Out Alien Existence
Cover Crops Grow In Popularity, But Not Everyone Can Afford Them
White House Still Struggling To Convince Some Vaccine Holdouts
WTVF: Student And School Resource Officer Team Up To Pen A Book
Federal Chair Warns Climate Poses Obstacles For Global Economy
U.S. New COVID-19 Cases Fall To Around 15,000 A Day
WEWS: Ohio Hospital Aims To Offer More For LGBTQ Community
WXYZ: Canadians Fight For Michigan's Unused COVID Vaccines
WPTV: 'Test Cruise' Prepares To Set Sail
559,000 Jobs Added In May
10,000 Tokyo Olympic Volunteers Quit Ahead Of Games
WFTS: Summer Camps Offer Kids A Break From Loneliness
White House Pledges To Share 25 Million COVID Vaccines Globally
KGTV: W.H.O. Updates Protocol For Naming COVID Variants
KMGH: Colorado Teens Help Hundreds Get Vaccinated
Pandemic Helps Doctors Rethink Some Practices
NASA Announces 2 Missions To Study Venus
FDA Says Don't Eat Cicadas If You're Allergic to Seafood
Half of States End Extra COVID Jobless Benefits
Appeals Court Leaves CDC Eviction Ban In Place
Biden Admin. Launches Month Of Action To Meet Vaccinations Goal
COVAX Summit Secures Additional $2.4B For COVID Vaccine Distribution
Osaka's Candor On Anxiety, Depression Could Help Reform Elite Sports
KGTV: Researchers Study Length Of Immunity After COVID Shots
WEWS: Ohioans Prepare For Looser COVID Regulations
Israel Seeks Possible Link Between Pfizer Vaccine And Myocarditis
Krispy Kreme Has Given Out 1.5M Doughnuts To Vaccinated People
What To Expect This Hurricane Season
Tourists Celebrate Full Las Vegas Reopening, Capacity Limits Lifted
KTNV: Vegas Wedding Bells Are Ringing As Demand Spikes
Moderna Requests Full FDA Approval For Its COVID-19 Vaccine
Pentagon To Release UFO Report
W.H.O. Proposes Global Treaty To Prepare For Next Pandemic
Why The U.S. Has More COVID Vaccines Than People Who Want Them
WKBW: Separated Families Protest The U.S.-Canadian Border Closure
Artist Helps His Community Embrace Cicada Season
Study Says One-third Of Heat Deaths Directly Due To Global Warming
WFTS: Tips To Help Transition Back To The Office
CDC Says No Masks, Social Distance Needed At Vaccinated Summer Camps
Anti-Government Protests Continue In Colombia
Protesters In Brazil Call For President Bolsonaro's Impeachment
WEWS: Man Who Can't Get Vaccinated Asks For Compassion From Others
First Olympic Teams Land In Japan Ahead Of Tokyo Games
India Reports 152K Daily COVID Cases, Lowest in 50 Days
U.S. Travel Spikes as More States Lift COVID-19 Restrictions
KGTV: U.S. Efforts To Track COVID-19 Variants Face Key Limitations
Veteran Suicide Rate Could Spike Further After COVID-19
Program Helps Teens Who Aged Out Of Foster Care During Pandemic
WTVF: Students Create A Pandemic Time Capsule
Record-Breaking Climbers Safely Return From Mount Everest
KGTV: Scientists Create A COVID Test That Gives Results In Seconds
The Push To End Organ Transplant Discrimination
U.S. Sees Holiday Weekend Travel Rebound, Fewer Mask Mandates
WFTS: Experts Offer Tips To Improve Kids' Social Skills
Researchers Track Herd Immunity Using Wastewater
Pres. Biden Pushes Vaccinations As More States Lift COVID Restrictions
KGTV: Researchers Develop Antibody Test That Predicts COVID Severity
WTMJ: Wisconsin Vaccine Demand Reaches Lowest Point Since January
WEWS: Meet Ohio's 22-Year-Old Vaccine Lottery Winner
Malaysia To Tighten COVID Restrictions As Cases Surge
U.K. Approves Fourth COVID-19 Vaccine, Johnson & Johnson
California Offering $116.5 Million In Prize Money To Get Vaccinated