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Pentagon Reverses Itself, Calls Deadly Kabul Strike An Error
Thousands Of Migrants Converge Under Texas Bridge
House To Try Suspending Cap On Borrowing Authority Next Week
U.S. Threatens Sanctions Against Officials In Tigray Conflict
Examining How States Have Limited Public Health Powers
Gen. Mark Milley Says Calls To China 'Perfectly' Within Duties
Judge Strikes Down COVID-Related Expulsions At U.S-Mexico Border
Boston's November Mayoral Election Will Make History
Judge Sets Hearing To Consider Blocking Texas Abortion Law
California To Look At Recall Process
General Mark Milley Under Fire For Calls With China
President Biden Announces Indo-Pacific Alliance With U.K., Australia
Former Trump Aides Aim To Build GOP Opposition Against Refugees
Afghan Killed By Drone Praised By Co-Workers In U.S. Aid Group
Pope: No Place For Politics In President Biden Communion Flap
Democrats' New Tax Plan Hits Corporations, Wealthy Americans Hardest
North And South Korea Launch Ballistic Missiles Hours Apart
Census: Federal Relief Programs Kept People Out Of Poverty In 2020
DOJ Asks Federal Court To Block Texas Abortion Law
WFTS: New U.S. Citizens Reflect On Their Hispanic Heritage
President Biden Touts $3.5T Climate Resilience Plan
Nearly 3 Million Get Health Coverage During COVID-19 Sign-up
California Gov. Gavin Newsom Beats Back GOP-Led Recall
Businesses May Leave Texas Over Anti-Abortion Law
President Biden Talks Climate Resilience In Infrastructure
California Voters Cast Last Ballots In Recall
Bipartisan Effort To Add More Women Monuments To The U.S. Capitol
Secretary Of State Blinken Defends Afghanistan Withdrawal In Testimony
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Met Dress: 'Tax The Rich'
President Biden To Speak To United Nations General Assembly
President Biden Turns To Colorado To Pitch Investments In Clean Energy
California's Recall Election Nears End
Secretary Blinken Testifies On Troop Withdrawal From Afghanistan
Police Prepare For Capitol Rally Planned In Support Of Jan. 6 Rioters
Young Afghans Struggle As Taliban Government Settles In
UN Asks For More Than $600 Million In Donations For Afghans
North Korea Tests New Long-Range Cruise Missiles
Congress Aims To Pass Reconciliation Bill By Month's End
The Debate Over Voting Requirements
'Bathroom Bill' Cases Could Spur More Transgender Rights Lawsuits
President's Vaccine Rules Ignite Instant, Hot GOP Opposition
GOP Governors Threaten To Sue Over President Biden's Vaccine Mandates
More Than 100 Million Workers Impacted By Mandates
White House Competition Council Looks To Lower Consumer Prices
U.S. Justice Department Sues Texas Over State's New Abortion Law
Police Plan To Reinstall Capitol Fencing Ahead Of Rally
President Biden Plans To Require Vaccine For Federal Workers
Questions From Nashville As COVID Numbers Break Records
Dozens Of Westerners Board Commercial Flight From Kabul
President Biden Praises Labor Unions, Touts Infrastructure Package
Statue Of Confederate Robert E. Lee Taken Down In Virginia
Evacuees Plead For Action: 'We Are In Some Kind Of Jail'
Taliban Announce All-Male Interim Government In Afghanistan
Texas Governor Signs Controversial Voting Bill Into Law
United Nations Condemns Texas Abortion Law
First Lady Jill Biden Heads Back To The Classroom
Taliban Fire In Air To Disperse Protesters, Arrest Journalists
Robert E. Lee Statue In Richmond, Virginia Comes Down Wednesday
Justice Department Will 'Protect' Abortion Seekers In Texas
Plea And A Trial Loom In Next Month For Giuliani Associates
President Biden Directs Federal Aid To NY, NJ After Flooding
Federal Unemployment Boost Comes To An End
Texas Ranked 15th Most Dangerous State For Rape, Sexual Assault
Taliban Say They Now Control Last Holdout Afghan Province
How Congress Could Help Farmers Fight Climate Change
Millions At Risk As Extended Unemployment Benefits Expire
Some Texans Are Seeking Abortion Services Elsewhere
U.S. Could Admit More Than 50,000 People From Afghanistan Airlift
Planned Parenthood Files Temporary Restraining Order
President Biden To Survey Hurricane Damage In Louisiana
Homeless Shelters Brace For Influx After Eviction Moratorium Ends
Supreme Court Upholds Texas Abortion Law
Gen. Lee Statue Can Be Removed, Virginia Supreme Court Rules
Democrats Promote Cheney To Vice Chairwoman Of Jan. 6 Panel
High Court Divides 5-4 To Leave Texas Abortion Law In Place
U.S., Ukraine Seek Increased Ties Against Russia
Black Women Seeing Guns As Protection From Rising Crime
Judge Set To Rule On Purdue Pharma's Opioid Settlement Plan
Texas 6-Week Abortion Ban Takes Effect
Texas GOP Voting Bill Nears Final Approval By Governor
Family Members Of Veterans Express Frustration Over Afghan Withdrawal
Ukraine's Leader To Meet With President Biden
Last Troops Exit Afghanistan, Ending America's Longest War
After U.S. Withdrawal, Afghan Allies Are Left Behind
Texas Abortion Ban To Go Into Effect
Is The Child Tax Credit Really Working?
Abbas, Gantz Hold High-Level Talks Urged By U.S.
Pentagon Says There's 'Still Time' To Evacuate Americans From Kabul
Rockets Fired At Kabul Airport Hit Homes Amid U.S. Withdrawal
Arizona Election Audit Causes Republican Rift
Afghanistan Withdrawal Sparks Political Finger Pointing In Congress
Texas GOP Advances Voting Bill After Democrats’ Holdout Ends
Martin Luther King III Advocates For Voting Rights Legislation
Supreme Court Allows Evictions To Resume During Pandemic
President Biden: U.S. To Continue Afghanistan Evacuations
U.S. Voting Rights Events Reflect Multiracial Reform Agenda
Capitol Police Officers Sue Trump, Allies Over Insurrection
South Dakota AG Pleads No Contest To 2 Counts In Fatal Crash
Dilemma For Fed Chief: High Inflation And A Surging Virus
House Panel Probing Jan. 6 Riot Seeks Host Of Trump-era Records