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A sea turtle tangled in a fishing net

Sea Turtles Have To Deal With Plastic Threats On Two Fronts

The mounting problem of plastic pollution poses an even greater danger to sea turtles than most ocean dwellers.


1:13A runner in the snow
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For A Healthy Brain, Exercise Your Legs

2:28Man at museum
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Young Americans Are Always Connected — And Desperately Lonely

2:21Facebook logo reflected off of a user's eye
Getty Images / Chris Jackson

A New EU Privacy Rule Is Changing How Facebook, Google Treat Your Data

0:37European Parliament President Antonio Tajani and Mark Zuckerberg
European Parliament

Zuckerberg Apologizes To European Lawmakers Over Facebook Scandals

0:48Egg and its shell
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An Egg A Day May Keep Cardiovascular Disease Away, New Study Says

1:58Western honeybee sits on top of a flower
Artur Rydzewski / CC BY 2.0

Are Honeybees Endangered? Scientists Can't Give A Definitive Answer


FDA Approves New Drug To Stop Migraines Before They Start

0:38Sign warning of extreme heat
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Earth Had Its 400th Consecutive Month Of Above-Average Temperatures

2:34A crowd with smartphones
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Want Better Sleep, Clearer Thoughts, Less Stress? Try A Digital Detox

4:36Rooftop farming
Newsy / Megan Smith

Dream Jobs: Rooftop Farmer

1:51polar bears
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Some Animals Are So Famous, People Don't Realize They're Endangered

0:55View of the Earth from space

Scientists Say Emissions Of Chemical That Degrades Ozone Are Rising

0:58International Space Station

Privatizing The International Space Station Might Be Hard To Do

0:45Close-up of romaine lettuce
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Heads Up: The CDC Says Romaine Lettuce Is Safe To Eat Again

1:15FBI Director Christopher Wray
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FBI Director 'Deeply Concerned' About Some Foreign Tech Companies

0:50The Boring Company tunnel
The Boring Company

The Boring Company's LA Hyperloop Project Plan Could Change Again

2:54A cartoon brain with the words "Laurel" and "Yanny"

How The Laurel-Yanny Clip — Like 'The Dress' — Tricks Our Brains

2:29A pill
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More Than 3 Million Kids Take Meds For ADHD. Here's How They Work

0:49Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
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Mark Zuckerberg Agrees To Appear Before European Parliament Members

1:25Bitcoin tokens
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Bitcoin Mining Eats Enough Energy To Power Ireland

1:15Europa as captured by NASA's Galileo spacecraft
NASA / JPL-Caltech / SETI Institute

NASA Finds Evidence Of Water Plumes On Jupiter's Moon Europa

0:34Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
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Facebook Suspends About 200 Apps Under Suspicion Of Misusing User Data

0:36Artist's concept of the Mars helicopter

NASA's Sending A Helicopter To Mars In 2020

0:32SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket
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SpaceX Scrubbed Its Launch At The Last Minute

0:49Former CEO of Equifax Richard Smith
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Equifax Says Passport And ID Images Were Stolen, Too

0:49FCC seal.
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The FCC Just Gave Net Neutrality A Final Date

1:11Female mosquitoes are seen underneath a microscope
Getty Images / Kevin Frayer

CDC Says Mosquito, Tick And Flea Diseases Tripled Since 2004; But Why?

0:48David Goodall
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104-Year-Old Assisted-Dying Advocate Ends Life In Swiss Clinic

0:38New homes
California Energy Commission

California Is On Track To Require Solar Panels On New Homes

1:19The robot 'Pepper' speaks with visitors at a tech trade fair
Getty Images / Alexander Koerner / Stringer

The Next Step For AI? Private Industry Teaming Up With The Government