A tablet with the Facebook logo sits on top of another device displaying the Facebook App

Mueller Report Details How Russia Used Facebook To Sway 2016 Election

The Mueller Report shines new details on just how the Internet Research Agency managed to sway public opinion via social media.


1:07New York City.
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NYC Unveils Plan To Slash Its Buildings' Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Journalist Laura Parker holds up an issue of National Geographic
Newsy / Luke Piotrowski

National Geographic Wants You To Cut Back On Single-Use Plastics

Journalist Laura Parker looks at an image of a sea horse holding a q-tip.
Newsy / Luke Piotrowski

The World's Plastic Addiction Is Killing Animals

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Facebook 'Unintentionally' Uploaded 1.5M Users' Email Contacts

1:09Apple logo
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Class-Action Suit Accuses Apple Of Covering Up Slow iPhone Sales

2:46Mother in a grocery store with her child
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Geofence: The Invisible Way Companies Use Data To Track You Everywhere

0:45SpaceX CEO Elon Musk
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NASA Awards SpaceX $69 Million To Fly Spacecraft Into Asteroid

2:35Cast of "Star Trek" at NASA facility

The Modern World That Sci-Fi Foresaw

1:08Stratolaunch plane in flight
Stratolaunch Systems

A Plane Larger Than A Football Field Just Flew For The First Time

2:02President Donald Trump
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FCC Pushing For Expanded Internet Access And 5G Technology

1:08A person holds informational papers about Ebola
World Health Organization

WHO: Congo's Ebola Outbreak Is Not Declared An International Emergency

1:05Uber vehicle
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Uber Files To Go Public In What Could Be One Of The Biggest IPOs Ever

1:39Scott Kelly and Mark Kelly
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NASA Twins Study Shows What A Year In Space Did To Scott Kelly's Body

0:52SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket.

SpaceX Successfully Launches Falcon Heavy On First Commercial Mission

1:03A full moon
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Israeli Spacecraft Falls Short Of Landing On The Moon

2:3223andMe testing kit
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What You Need To Know About DNA Testing Kits

1:13Person types on laptop keyboard

Facebook Is Taking More Steps To Stop Misinformation And Fake News

2:34Car tailpipe on highway
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Millions Of New Childhood Asthma Cases Linked To Traffic Pollution

0:48Network cables
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Net Neutrality Bill Not Expected To Make It Through The Senate

1:13First image of a black hole
National Science Foundation

We Now Have The First Image Of A Black Hole

2:58NASA footage of planet with moons
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Scientists Are Fighting Over Whether We Should Contact Aliens

0:44House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler speaks to House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Doug Collins
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YouTube Stops Chat During Hate Crimes Hearing Due To Hateful Comments

0:58New York City mayor and public officials hold a press conference on vaccinating against measles.
New York City

New York City Declares Public Health Emergency Over Measles Outbreak

1:43A woman sits in the doctors office
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'Implant Files' Investigation Highlights Gender Bias In Medicine

2:32Man swimming
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A Brain-centric Approach To Exercise

1:03Polluted London skyline
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London Rolls Out New Charge For High-Pollution Vehicles

1:27Burmese python
Big Cypress National Preserve

Researchers Pull Record-Breaking Python From Preserve In South Florida

0:52The social networking site Facebook is displayed on a laptop screen.
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UK Government Unveils Plan To Crack Down On Harmful Online Content

1:17A bleached piece of coral stands among other coral off the coast of Florida.
U.S. Geological Survey

Mass Bleaching Events Hurt The Great Barrier Reef's Ability To Rebuild

0:57Amazon Alexa-enabled products
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Users Can Now Ask Amazon's Alexa About Personal Health Data