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An artist's depiction of the asteroid that floated into our solar system in early October

How Astronomers Determined A Mysterious Asteroid Isn't A Spaceship

When a mysterious asteroid entered our solar system, experts had one chance to find out as much about it as they could.


0:42Facebook promotes new "Snooze" feature

Facebook's New Feature Will Help You Temporarily Avoid That One Friend

1:04A NASA visualization of 2016 temperature extremes

Research Shows Climate Changes That Only Humans Could Cause

3:44A "League of Legends" player at his keyboard
Newsy Staff

Varsity Gamers: The Dream

1:33People protest for net neutrality
Getty Images

What Happens Next In The Fight For Net Neutrality?

0:56New planet Kepler-90i

NASA And Google's Artificial Intelligence Tech Found A New Exoplanet

0:53The seal of the Federal Communications Commission.
Getty Images

The FCC Just Voted To Scrap Net Neutrality Rules

0:55Satellite image of Hurricane Harvey moving toward Texas
Getty Images

Climate Change Probably Made Hurricane Harvey's Rainfall Worse

4:48College esports gamers on stage at the 2017 Midwest Campus Clash
Newsy Staff

Varsity Gamers: The Competition

1:29Customers shop in a toy store in Times Square on Thanksgiving evening 2015
Getty Images / Yana Paskova

Internet-Connected Toys Are Prone To Hacks And Pose Privacy Issues

4:22Esports teams practice at Columbia College and Maryville University
Newsy Staff

Varsity Gamers: The Training

1:03Trump signing NASA directive

Who's Going To Lead NASA Under Trump's New Order?

1:09FCC Chairman Ajit Pai
Getty Images

FCC Outlines Its New Plan For Net Neutrality

1:05Ad for Shazam

In A Move To Beef Up Services, Apple Buys Shazam For $400 Million

1:09French President Emmanuel Macron surrounded by climate researchers
Emmanuel Macron

France Awards Grants To US Scientists Studying Climate Change

4:45Andrew "CKG" Smith and Connor "Artemis" Doyle
Newsy Staff

Varsity Gamers: The Players

0:55A pair of silhouetted figures stand in front of the moon on November 4, 2017 in Somerset, England.
Matt Cardy / Getty Images

Trump Signs Declaration To Send American Astronauts To The Moon, Mars

2:01Astronaut on the surface of the moon

Manned Moon Missions Ended After Apollo 17 — That Was 45 Years Ago

Getty Images

Bitcoin Futures Reach Almost $19K In First Day Of Trading

0:43Flint town hall meeting.
Getty Images

Flint Could Soon Lose Its State-Supplied Bottled Water Program

0:58Bears Ears National Monument
The Wilderness Society

Lawmaker Proposes Protecting Bears Ears Land From Mineral Mining

0:44Apple CEO Tim Cook
Getty Images

Apple Might Be About To Buy Shazam

0:49Spotify press conference
Getty Images

Spotify Just Announced A Partnership Before Its Expected IPO

0:50Kaspersky Lab anniversary party.
Getty Images

Banned From The US Gov, Kaspersky Lab Is Closing Its DC-Area Office

1:37Person purchasing a gun
Getty Images

What Shootings Like Sandy Hook Say About Americans And Guns

0:47Concept image of the black hole
Robin Dienel / Courtesy of the Carnegie Institution for Science/Nature

Astronomers Found The Most Distant Supermassive Black Hole Ever Seen

0:41A concept image of a Bitcoin
Getty Images

Hackers May Have Stolen Millions Of Dollars In Bitcoin

0:43Amazon unveils streaming device
Getty Images

Google And Amazon's Feud Is Getting Ugly — And Might Affect Customers

0:42A Bitcoin representation image
Getty Images

Bitcoin Already Broke Its Own Record