Screenshot from Twitter video about reporting abuse.

Twitter Just Laid Out Its Schedule To Tackle Online Abuse

The news comes one week after Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said, "We're still not doing enough."


1:27Amazon Go grocery store in Seattle, Washington
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Some Cities Are Going To Extraordinary Lengths For Amazon HQ2

1:03Screenshot from Blue Apron promotional video
Blue Apron

Blue Apron Lays Off 6 Percent Of Employees After A Rough Quarter

1:14Stones from the game Go sit on the playing board

Computers No Longer Need Human Input To Beat Us At Our Own Games

1:33Instagram post by actress Viola Davis
Instagram / Viola Davis

#MeToo Sparks National Discussion On Sexual Assault

1:21Amazon's corporate headquarters in Seattle
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Winning Amazon's HQ2 Sweepstakes Has Pros And Cons

1:11A Wi-Fi icon
Tom Reynolds / CC BY 2.0

Wi-Fi Flaw Leaves An Ever-Larger Internet Of Things Vulnerable

0:58The Internal Revenue Service
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Equifax's Latest Tech Snafu Could Cost It A $7.2M IRS Contract

1:33Sundar Pichai visits Pittsburgh
Twitter / @sundarpichai

Leaders In The Technology World Want To Reprogram Digital Education

1:25A truck drives by Pacificorp's coal-fired power plant
Getty Images / Stringer / George Frey

Close Or Convert: The Big Choice Many Coal Plants Are Facing

1:25Equifax ad

Code On Equifax Site Sent People To Fake Flash Downloads

1:09South Korean missile test
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Official Says North Korean Hackers Stole US-South Korea War Plans

1:00Steven Spielberg.
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Apple Is Remaking A Series From The '80s In Push For Original Content

1:22Mark Zuckerberg's virtual reality avatar
Facebook / Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook Uses Devastated Puerto Rico To Show Off Its VR App

0:53Google headquarters in California
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Google Reportedly Finds Political Ads In Its Network Linked To Russia

1:03Project Loon balloon
iLighter / CC BY 2.0

Large Internet-Beaming Balloons Might Be Headed To Puerto Rico

1:00Elon Musk in front of a Tesla powerpack
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Elon Musk Thinks Tesla Can Rebuild Puerto Rico's Power Grid

0:54A photograph of a bunch of AIM mascot pins rest on a table
Travis Wise / CC BY 2.0

Say C U L8R To Your Screen Name: AIM Will Be Discontinued

1:26A man wearing Google Pixel Buds.

Google's New Earbuds Could Change How People Communicate

0:56John Kelly
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John Kelly's Personal Cellphone Might Have Been Compromised

4:23A Purple Heart challenge coin is seen atop a headstone at Arlington National Cemetery
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Debunked: Using Money To Honor The Fallen At Arlington

1:01NSA headquarters
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Russian Hackers Reportedly Stole A Bunch Of NSA Hacking Tools

1:06A frame from Netflix's "The Babysitter."
Netflix / "The Babysitter"

Netflix Plans On Spending More, So It's Making You Spend More, Too

1:37A news article selected by algorithm
Newsy staff

The Cost Of Letting A Computer Sort Our Online News

0:51Facebook 'like' sign
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Facebook Tests Another Feature To Fight Fake News

1:34"Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric" TV commercial

'Sonic the Hedgehog' Could Be Headed To A Theater Near You

1:26Embryos after they were subjected to gene editing
Shoukhrat Mitalipov

New Gene-Editing Techniques Might Not Be As Foolproof As We Thought

1:05Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.
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The European Commission Hit Another Tech Giant With A Large Fine

1:30Students use Minecraft in the classroom
Microsoft Studios / "Minecraft"

This Study Says Video Games Might Make People Better Learners

0:43Yahoo sign
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Yahoo: All 3 Billion Accounts Affected By 2013 Hack

0:59Facebook sign on a window
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Facebook Says Around 10 Million In The US Saw Russia-Linked Ads