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An unnamed Airman particiaptes in a simulated anthrax attack exercise

Why The Trump Administration Changed The US Biodefense Strategy

One of the main goals of the new plan was to encourage more collaborative biodefense efforts between the public and private spheres.


1:01RemoveDEBRIS net capturing space junk
University of Surrey

A Net Just Successfully Captured Space Junk

1:24United Nations flag blows in the wind in front of the UN German headquarters in 2006
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Most UN Countries Won't Meet Goal Of Cutting Premature Deaths By 2030

1:02A study published by the World Health Organization says over three million people died from alcohol consumption in 2016.
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Study: 1 In Every 20 People Died From Harmful Use Of Alcohol In 2016

0:37A discarded plastic straw lies on a beach.
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California Bans Plastic Straws In Restaurants

1:15A man holding a syringe to use for heroin.
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Study Finds US Overdose Deaths Have Been Increasing For Decades

1:00Water bottles being prepared for distribution in a warehouse in Flint, Michigan.
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More Detroit Schools Test Positive For Copper, Lead In Drinking Water

1:15A girl reads a book.
Personal Creations / CC BY 2.0

Girls Are Better Readers and Writers Than Boys, Study Says

1:05Five month old elephant
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Scientists Use Elephant Tusk DNA In Hopes Of Catching Ivory Smugglers

0:48An artist's depiction of a super-earth orbiting HD 26965
University of Florida

Astronomers Discover Planet Where Vulcan From 'Star Trek' Would Be

1:06A man wearing a mask stands in polluted air in China
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Study Links Air Pollution To Higher Risk Of Dementia

1:00Oil rig
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Trump Administration Rolls Back Another Climate Rule

1:22Man vapes, or smokes an electronic cigarette
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FDA Warns Of 'Disturbingly Sharp Rise' In E-Cigarette Use Among Teens

1:08Pharmacy technician dispenses pills
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Many Foster Kids Get Psychiatric Meds Without Proper Plan, Follow-Up

0:52A person vapes
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Almost 1 In 11 Middle, High Schoolers Reported Vaping Cannabis In 2016

1:28Scott Jones wades through about three feet of floodwater from Hurricane Florence.
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The Hazards And Health Risks Of Florence's Flood Waters

1:04Person reaches for bottle of disinfectant spray to clean a school classroom
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Common Household Cleaning Products Are Linked To Childhood Obesity

0:48Plastic water bottles
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New Study Says BPA And Its Alternatives May Not Be So Different

2:26Beach erosion at Oak Island, NC has placed many homes in danger October 4, 1999.
Getty Images / FEMA / Dave Saville

North Carolina Has History With Deadly, Slow-Moving Storms

2:19South Carolina coast amid storm
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South Carolina Inmates Won't Be Evacuated. Here's Why.

0:50Jerry Brown Jr.
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California Plans To Launch Satellite Initiative To Pinpoint Emitters

1:08Sea turtle poking its head out of pool
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Study Says Even Single Piece Of Plastic Enough To Kill Sea Turtles

0:49ICESat-2's ATLAS system

NASA's New Space Laser Will Measure Polar Ice 60,000 Times A Second

0:48A Tesla roadster with a dummy driver named Starman floats in space
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SpaceX Signs 'World's First' Private Moon Tourist

1:25Tobacco farmers stand above bales of tobacco in Wilmington, North Carolina
Getty Images / Logan Mock-Bunting

Carolina Farmers Race To Save Crops, Farmland Before Florence Hits

0:52NASA's ADEPT system sits on a table
NASA Ames Research Center / Dominic Hart

NASA's New 'Umbrella' Could Help It Deliver Bigger Payloads

0:46A cancer patient receives treatment
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Global Cancer Cases And Deaths Expected To Increase This Year

1:03A person blows smoke from an e-cigarette
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The FDA Calls Teen Vaping An 'Epidemic,' Cracks Down On E-Cig Makers

1:36Two men in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina board windows of a business prior to Hurricane Florence's landfall
Getty Images / Joe Raedle

What Makes People Choose To Ride Out Hurricanes?

2:47Man with dog
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Owning A Pet Could Literally Be Making You Healthier

0:52A young boy stands on a dried up river bed in Kenya, where millions face food and water shortages from droughts.
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The UN Says Global Hunger Is On The Rise, Thanks To Climate Change