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Female birth control pills

Male Birth Control Pills Could Soon Be A Reality

Researchers say they're testing a male birth control pill that doesn't have many side effects.


0:41STEVE and the Milky Way
NASA / Krista Trinder

Scientists Discovered A New Type Of Aurora, And They Named It Steve

1:05The U.S. Air Force launches a Boeing-built satellite to improve military communications on March 18, 2017.
Technical Sergeant Anthony Nelson / CC BY 1.0

Trump, Military Experts Don't See Eye To Eye On Space Corps Proposal

0:43A FEMA banner
Getty Images

FEMA Scrubs Mentions Of Climate Change From Its Strategic Plan

1:01Florida proposes permanent daylight saving time
Getty Images

Rubio Wants An Extra Hour Of Daylight For The US, Or At Least For Fla.

1:33A crate of lunar samples

When's The Best Time For NASA To Open Its Last Lunar Samples?

3:48Image from Imaginary Friend Society video
Imaginary Friend Society

These Cartoon Characters Are Helping Kids Cope With Cancer

0:54The Insight lander

To Run A Mars Mission, NASA's Insight Lander Will Need Pi

1:22Stephen Hawking on stage at the Breakthrough Starshot initiative
Getty Images

Hawking Brought Profound Science To The Masses Like Few Others

0:48Stephen Hawking
Getty Images

Stephen Hawking Dies At 76

1:12Agricultural and biological engineering professor Girish Chowdhary pictured next to TerraSentia
L. Brian Stauffer

This Roomba-Like Robot Could Change How Farmers Care For Crops

1:08Arctic sea ice

When The Arctic Warms, Extreme US Weather Is More Frequent

0:50Elon Musk
Getty Images

Elon Musk Says Mars Rocket Will Launch Into Space Next Year

0:37Pair of dentists
Getty Images

The CDC Isn't Sure Why Dentists Are Dying From A Specific Lung Disease

3:55Kentucky's Public Service Commission meets with Martin County officials to discuss failing infrastructure.

Martin County Residents Facing Water Rate Hike

3:55Martin County sign

Martin County, Kentucky, Looks To Tackle Massive Debt

2:55A patient receives dental treatment.
Getty Image

How Dental Health Workers Are Filling Gaps In Tribal Dental Disparity

1:35A photo of a blended mushroom and beef burger.
Mushroom Council

The American Burger Of The Future Might Be Made With Mushrooms

1:14A man using a smartphone in front of a twitter logo
Getty Images

Fake News On Twitter Spreads Farther And Faster Than Truth

1:29A near-Earth asteroid

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher Is Very Worried About Surprise Asteroids

1:05David Shulkin
Getty Images

VA Report Says Failures Put Patients At Risk At D.C. Hospital

0:44Medical workers and police treat a woman who has overdosed on heroin
Getty Images

CDC Reports ER Visits For Opioid Overdoses Just Jumped 30 Percent

1:32MRI scan of a human brain
Shinnar et al., Neurology

Neuroforensics Is Turning Our Brains Into Legal Evidence

0:31Opioid painkiller pills
Getty Images

Study: Kids' Opioid-related Hospitalizations Have Skyrocketed

5:29Dozens of immigration advocates and supporters attend a rally outside of Trump Tower along Fifth Avenue
Getty Images

The Mental Health Toll Of Being Undocumented

0:36Insulin vials
Alan Levin / CC BY 2.0

Researchers Say There Might Actually Be 5 Types Of Diabetes

0:59Handguns held over a display case
Getty Images

RAND Report On Guns Finds Policy Research Is Sorely Lacking

0:49Penguins jump into the water from a block of ice
Rachael Herman, Louisiana State University, Stony Brook University

A Lost 'Supercolony' Of Penguins Was Discovered In The Antarctic

0:39NASA James Webb Space Telescope
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope Launch Might Be Delayed — Again

Getty Images

President Trump Wants To Crack Down On Drug Dealers And Drugmakers

1:15Artist's rendering of GOES weather satellite
Lockheed Martin / NOAA

Cutting-Edge Weather Satellite Launches To Improve US Forecasting