U.S. Capitol

Senate Passes The GOP Budget Bill, Paving The Way For Tax Reform

Beyond funding the government, the legislation sets aside $1.5 trillion for tax cuts the Republican Party hopes to pass.


1:52Trump with the Super Bowl Champion Patriots.
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Why An NFL Owner Thinks President Trump Is Jealous Of Pro Football

2:14President Donald Trump
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Trump's 'Drain The Swamp' Push Is All Clogged Up

1:04Then-President George W. Bush
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President Bush's Speech Touched On Big Themes Of Trump's Presidency

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16 Shots And A Video: Uncovering The Laquan McDonald Shooting

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3 Million Americans Carry A Loaded Firearm On Their Person Daily

2:00White House chief of staff John Kelly
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WH Chief Of Staff John Kelly Defends Trump's Call With Gold Star Widow

1:14Construction on a border wall prototype.
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8 Border Wall Prototypes Near The Testing Phase

0:57North Korean military cadets
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North Korea Threatens 'Unimaginable Strike' On The US

1:33Former U.S. drug czar
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How 'Czar' Became A Political Term In The US

1:20Person walking through the airport.
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Another Federal Judge Freezes Trump's Latest Travel Restrictions

0:44Rep. Pat Tiberi
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Rep. Pat Tiberi Becomes The Latest Loss For Moderate Republicans

1:23Reporter Zach Toombs climbs onto the head of a wind turbine over rural Iowa
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Wind Turbine Technician Is The Fastest-Growing Job In America

1:41Photograph of Russian opposition journalist Alexander Shchetinin
Kseniya Kirillova

Russian Journalist Lives In Exile In The US After Colleague's Death

1:20President Donald Trump
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White House: $25,000 Check To Father Of Fallen Soldier Is In The Mail

1:19Ksenia Sobchak
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A Former Socialite Is Russia's New Opposition Presidential Candidate

1:45Steve Bannon
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To Drain The Swamp, Bannon Wants To Bleed GOP Wallets Dry

1:52Woman wearing a niqab
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A New Law Could Force Muslim Women In Quebec To Uncover Their Faces

1:20People walk down Parisian street.
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France Could Soon Ban Street Harassment By Imposing A Heavy Fine

1:58Jeff Sessions
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Sessions Doesn't Think He Gave False Testimony On Russian Contacts

2:12Your tax dollar at work
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A Dollar-Sized Breakdown Of How Your Tax Dollars Were Spent Last Year

1:12Sen. Elizabeth Warren.
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Sen. Warren Says Trump Is Losing To The Constitution — But Is He?

1:18U.S. Capitol
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That Bipartisan Health Care Deal Isn't Getting Much Bipartisan Support

1:05Sgt. La David Johnson.

Congresswoman Says Trump Made 'Insensitive' Comment To Soldier's Widow

1:00Chinese President Xi Jinping
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China's Only Political Party Meets To Set Agenda, Pick Leaders

1:54President Donald Trump
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Trump's Judicial Impact Goes Way Beyond The Supreme Court

1:33Instagram post by actress Viola Davis
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#MeToo Sparks National Discussion On Sexual Assault

3:06Reporter Zach Toombs talks to Iowa corn farmer Denny Friest
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Debriefing 'Revolt': Why Iowa Loves Wind Energy

0:46U.S. Immigration
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Hawaii Judge Freezes Trump's Latest Travel Restrictions

1:05Sens. Patty Murray and Lamar Alexander
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Bipartisan Deal: Pay Obamacare Subsidies, Lower State Requirements

0:48Rep. Tom Marino.
Office of Rep. Tom Marino

Rep. Tom Marino Is Out As Trump's Drug Czar Pick