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a diversity training

What Happens In A Diversity Training And How Success Is Measured

There are different approaches and strategies to diversity training. We went to one to see what it's like.



Up For Debate: Preserve Net Neutrality?

2:38Mom and baby
Getty Images

Today's Moms Are Older, More Educated And Bucking Years Of Trends

2:31Men's clothing
Getty Images

As Women's Plus-Size Expands, Men's Fashion Is Still Focused On Skinny

4:19A right-wing nationalist group protests in Warsaw, Poland
All Polish Youth

Voters Around The World Are Embracing Nationalism

3:04Students in Chicago
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Want To Empower Girls? Consider The 'Zarpies'


Dream Jobs: Trapeze Artist

6:52Anna Stupnicka-Bando sits with Lila, the teenage girl she hid during WWII.

This Woman's Bravery In World War II Wasn't Known For Almost 50 Years

2:34A crowd with smartphones
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Want Better Sleep, Clearer Thoughts, Less Stress? Try A Digital Detox

4:36Rooftop farming
Newsy / Megan Smith

Dream Jobs: Rooftop Farmer

1:50Whitney Houston singing at the Super Bowl
Getty Images / George Rose

New Whitney Houston Documentary Claims She Was Molested As A Child

2:35A wedding dress
Katie Thomas / CC by 2.0

A Look At How And Why Child Marriage Still Happens In The US


Up For Debate: Can Negotiations Convince North Korea To Denuclearize?

6:57Ed Mosberg
Megan Smith

'Never Forget And Never Forgive': A Holocaust Survivor's Mantra

7:00Irving Roth poses for a school photo after moving to New York following the Holocaust.
Irving Roth

Holocaust Survivor Relives Anti-Semitism From Childhood

3:28Martin Luther King Jr. in 1964
Marion S. Trikosko / Library of Congress

2018's Poor People's Campaign Aims To Tackle MLK's Unfinished Business

6:10An Orthodox Jewish boy sits in a synagogue on Krakow, Poland

The Tumultuous History Of Jews In Poland

0:53Outside of a San Francisco Starbucks
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Starbucks Opening Its Bathrooms To All, Executive Chairman Says

1:18Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin
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Oklahoma Governor Signs Controversial Adoption Bill Into Law

2:04Junot Díaz accepts an award
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Acclaimed Author Junot Diaz Confronts Assault Allegations

0:52Gender-neutral bathroom sign
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Vermont Is Getting More Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

4:19Woman holds 'Me Too' sign.
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#MeToo Monologues: How Theater Empowers Survivors Of Trauma

4:17Artist Richard Santiago in front of his art exhibition
Ben Schamisso / Newsy

Artist Honors The Dead Who Weren't Counted After Hurricane Maria


Up For Debate: Is Big Pharma To Blame For High Health Care Costs?

2:13Thomas A. Dorsey seen in the 1983 film "Say Amen, Somebody"
United Artists Classics / "Say Amen, Somebody"

How Thomas Dorsey Used The Blues To Become The 'Father Of Gospel'

0:48Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson
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Report: Group Plans To Sue HUD, Ben Carson Over Rule Postponement

2:12Sanrio character "Aggretsuko" at desk.
Sanrio, Inc.

When Sanrio Gets Angry: How Meme Culture Influences Legacy Brands

1:53The annual NRA meeting

Think All Millennials Support Stricter Gun Control? Think Again.

1:48John "Jabo" Starks during Guitar Center's 28th Annual Drum-Off Finals Event in 2017.
Getty Images for Guitar Center / Phillip Faraone

Late Drummer John 'Jabo' Starks Laid A Foundation For Popular Music

6:06Former gang leader and current outreach worker Ulysses "U.S." Floyd

Meet The Former Gang Leader Who Wants A Safer Chicago

1:46U.S. dollar bills
tom_bullock / CC BY 2.0

The Significance Of A $1 Award In Court