Mike Enoch and Richard Spencer speak at the University of Florida.

Richard Spencer Spoke (And Shouted) At The University Of Florida

The white nationalist accused protesters of violating his freedom of speech.


3:50Chinoy Lumpia
Newsy / Ben Schamisso

Filipinos Want You To Know Their Food Is More Than A Trend

1:32Dog smiling

A New California Law Will Take Rescue Pets From Shelters To Stores

1:11White nationalist rally, Charlottesville, VA
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Charlottesville Lawsuits Seek To Prevent Similar Gatherings

6:25Jews at Congregation Beth Israel Observed Sukkot as neo-nazis marched a block away.
Rabbi Rachel Schmelkin

Jews React As Neo-Nazis Return To Charlottesville

5:50Matt Paris before and after he began recovery.
Matt Paris

Full Circle: How One Man Survived Addiction To Help Others

1:15People playing Settlers of Catan
Valentin Gorbunov / CC by SA 3.0

Sony Might Bring This World-Renowned Board Game To The Big Screen

2:02Girls and boys take part in BSA Venturing program.
Boy Scouts of America

Boy Scouts Of America To Let Girls Become Cub Scouts And Eagle Scouts

1:09Characters of "Sesame Street" stand by street sign.
Sesame Street

'Sesame Street' Is Helping Kids Cope With Trauma

4:55Undocumented singer Stephanie "Soultree" Camba entertains a crowd in Chicago.
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Undocumented Artist Channels Her Activism Through Music

6:10Mark Beckfold and Steve Ledoux, who are married, hold their foster son at a celebration of the Supreme Court ruling.
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Foster Care System Is Improving But Still Can't Keep Up With Demand

6:35Drug bags collected by Ben Kurstin as part of the "Dime A Dozen" collection
Ben Kurstin

Dime A Dozen: Turning Discarded Drug Bags Into Art

1:10Protester holds "fake news" sign.
Cody Williams / CC by 2.0

'Fake News' Is Getting Its Own Entry In This Dictionary

1:38Troops escort the Little Rock Nine into Central High School in 1957
U.S. Army

What The Little Rock Nine Endured For A Better Education

6:35Robert Patterson of Georgetown University
Newsy Staff / Megan Smith

Who Is The Black Working Class? We Asked An Expert

1:25U.S. Marine in Infantry Officer Course
U.S. Marine Corps

The Marine Corps Is Expecting Its First Female Infantry Officer

2:17Ada Cheng performing
Newsy / Sarah Giroux

A Former Professor Now Takes To The Stage To Share Her Stories

1:38A man uses an e-cigarette
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Is E-Cigarette Use Actually A Gateway To Tobacco Addiction?

1:25ICE agent
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California Lawmakers Send 'Sanctuary State' Bill To Governor's Desk

6:16A 9/11 exhibit is on display at a high school just outside of Washington, D.C. in Prince George's County.
Newsy / Megan Smith

The Next Generation And Learning About 9/11

5:05Katie Parkins holds a My Teal Ticket.
Elizabeth Bensinger

Teen's Invention Aims To Help Those With Food Allergies Safely Eat Out

3:35Photographer Corky Lee takes photographs at the 54th Chinese American Citizens Alliance National Convention.
Newsy / Ben Schamisso

How One Photographer Captured Asians In American History

3:08Garnette Cadogan
Eze Amos

Charlottesville Man Reflects On White Nationalist Rally In His Town

3:44James Fields Jr.
Eze Amos

Charlottesville Photographer Captured Alleged Killer Before Incident

1:38Advocates protest against sexual assault.
Fourandsixty / CC by SA 4.0

Sexual Assault Activists Notice Something Missing On White House Site

8:30The interfaith community marches in solidarity against hate in Charlottesville, Virginia.
Rachel Schmelkin

Jews in Charlottesville Faced A Summer Of Anti-Semitism

3:26Disney's First Black Animator, Floyd Norman
Filmbuff / "Floyd Norman: An Animated Life"

Disney's First Black Animator Talks 60 Years In The Mouse House

1:39Children reading at the National Book Foundation's Book-Rich Environments Initiative launch.
National Book Foundation / Beowulf Sheehan

What Does The Word Gap Mean For Kindergarten Students?

0:44BMX rider

A 6-Year-Old Girl Is Taking On The BMX World

1:07A child reads a book in a classroom.
First Book

This Group Has Given Out 160 Million Books To Kids

3:45Harvard University students attend commencement ceremonies.
Getty Images / Darren McCollester

How Asian-Americans Fit Into The Affirmative Action Debate