1985 Spelling Bee champion Balu Natarajan reads the dictionary with his sons

Why South Asian Americans Dominate The Scripps National Spelling Bee

South Asians make up only 1% of the U.S. population but about 20% of bee spellers. They're doing so well, they've outsmarted the competition itself.


5:21Man dresses as a Chinese Railroad Worker at the 150th Anniversary of the First Transcontinental Railroad
Dave Franco

What Does It Take To Rectify The History Of Chinese Railroad Workers?

3:06Beach seen through a window
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The Forever Worker: Companies Can't Get Americans To Take Vacations

3:04German couple in plain clothes
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Classifying 'Middle Class' Is Messy Business

5:19Photographer taking a photo
Newsy/ Eric Lochstamfor

Dream Jobs: Photographer

6:49Kenny Wong, A Chinese Railroad Worker Descendant
Dave Franco

How Do You Honor Your Ancestors When They've Been Erased From History?

2:58Graphic of Norman Bates from "Psycho"
Newsy/Nathan Briner

What Attracts Us To Some Villains More Than Others?

6:00A member of the Guardian Patriots at the U.S.-Mexico border
Newsy / Dave Franco

Are Armed 'Guardian Patriots' At US-Mexico Border Breaking The Law?

3:57Jerome Davis holds the keys to his car that was impounded by the city of Chicago
Newsy / Andrew Schafer

Innocent Owners Fight To Get Their Seized Property Back

3:10House with "Available" sign
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Small Towns See A 'Brain Gain' As People Grow Tired Of Cities

5:07Chance Seales and Charlie Slowes in Nats seats
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Dream Jobs: Sports Announcer

2:43Dogs in a group
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There's A Reason 'Pet Parents' Are So Common Now

5:19Dog with tongue out
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Dream Jobs: Veterinarian

2:41A woman speaks at a microphone
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Very Vocal: The 'Perfect Pitch' Predicts Elections, Sexual Attraction

5:13Wall of Dr. Mehta's Office
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Dream Jobs: Clinical Psychologist

Ring digital doorbell
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The Invisible World Of The 'Internet Of Things'


KGTV: Border Patrol Reports An Increase In Family Crossings

5:04Monique Wise in Cuba
Wanderlust My Way

Dream Jobs: Travel Blogger

3:53Mai Kakish and Abeer Najjar, two Arab women chefs who helped spearhead #AprilIsForArabFood
Andrew Shafer

How Two Arab Women Chefs Are Celebrating #AprilIsForArabFood

3:19Memorial of Oklahoma City bombing
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'Sovereign Citizens' Are Deemed A Serious Threat, Yet Largely Unknown

2:23Illustration of dandelion child and orchid child
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Kids' Inner Lives Begin With Their Inner Ears

3:13A dentist holding his tools
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From Barbers To Dentists: Why There's Different Insurance For Teeth

Inside Saint Sulpice church in Paris.
Sarah Giroux, Newsy

This Is How Notre Dame Congregants Are Celebrating Easter Weekend

4:06Homeless man in Paris.
Sarah Giroux, Newsy

Paris' Homeless Population Disappointed In Notre Dame Fundraising

5:36Adoptive parents
Newsy / Andrew Shafer

What It's Like For A Mother With A Disability To Adopt A Child

4:04The Notre Dame Cathedral on fire on Monday, April 15, 2019.
Abdoulaye Sow

Early Witness To Notre Dame Cathedral Fire Critical Of Fire Response

6:27Ultrasound photos
Newsy / Andrew Shafer

One Mom-To-Be's Journey Through Pregnancy With A Disability

3:53Chief of the Cherokee Nation
Newsy / Luke Piotrowski

This Treaty Sparked The Trail Of Tears And Divided The Cherokee People

0:56Aretha Franklin performs at The Fox Theatre in 2017.
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Aretha Franklin Is First Woman Awarded Pulitzer Prize Special Citation

1:23A fire broke out on Monday afternoon and quickly spread across the building, collapsing the spire. The cause is yet unknown.

Notre Dame Cathedral "Miracle" -- All Is Not Lost

5:07Disability rights activist at an event
Newsy / Andrew Shafer

This Group Is Taking On Sexual Violence In The Disability Community