Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan

Acting Defense Secretary Makes Surprise Trip To Afghanistan

The trip comes amid peace talks between the U.S. and the Taliban regarding an end to the U.S.'s 17-year-long war in the country.

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0:49U.S. troops in South Korea
U.S. Army

South Korea To Pay More For US Forces Stationed In Country

1:01Person holding a flyer of Jamal Khashoggi
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White House Misses Deadline On Khashoggi Killing

2:18Boxes of humanitarian aid
U.S. Aid

US Aid Gets Snared In Venezuela's Political Crisis

1:53U.S. President Donald J. Trump speaks to Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve senior leaders in December.
U.S. Army National Guard / 1st Lt. Leland White

Iraqis Blast Trump’s Pivot From Fighting ISIS To Watching Iran

1:54Border Patrol agents stand at the border wall separating the United States from Tijuana, Mexico in January 2019
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A Border Wall Won't Stop The US Fentanyl Problem

1:30A beach in Danang, Vietnam
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Vietnam's Success Story Makes It A Model Host For Trump-Kim Talks

2:29Afghan and foreign investigators inspect the site of a suicide car bomb attack on May 18, 2010 in Kabul, Afghanistan.
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Taliban Snub Of Afghan Government Could Hinder Peace Talks

1:14Pershing II missiles
U.S. Department of Defense

INF Treaty's Demise Gives US, Russia Room For New Nuclear Weapons

9:22Kim Jong-un and President Donald Trump
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'The Why' Talks To The Last American To Make A Deal With North Korea

1:49President Trump and President Xi Jinping
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Trump: China and US Want A Trade Deal They Can Both 'Be Proud Of'

24:04A security guard
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'Tell Me More': National Security In The Disinformation Age

1:03Venezuelan supreme court
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Venezuelan High Court Prevents Opposition Leader From Leaving Country

1:10Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell
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Mitch McConnell Pushes Against Troop Withdrawal In Syria, Afghanistan

2:20Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro
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US Commits To Ousting Maduro In Venezuela

1:21Venezuelan and American flags
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Bolton Condemns Violence, Intimidation Against Diplomats In Venezuela

1:07A person holding both a Venezuelan and an American flag
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US Orders Non-Emergency Personnel To Leave Venezuela

2:32Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro
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Venezuela's Maduro Faces His Toughest Challenger Yet

1:09Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
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Pompeo Says The US Is Ready To Send Venezuela $20M In Aid

1:25Protests in Venezuela.
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Russia Warns US And Others Against Military Intervention In Venezuela

1:09Venezuelan National Assembly President Juan Guaido
Twitter / @jguaido

Maduro Responds To Trump's Recognition Of Opposition Leader

0:42Protesters ride a motorcycle down a street in Thailand
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Thailand To Hold First General Election Since Military Takeover

0:53President Donald Trump.
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New Bill Would Prevent Trump From Unilaterally Withdrawing From NATO

2:21President Trump at a NATO Summit in July
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What Would Happen If The US Left NATO?

1:11Turkish flag in front of Istanbul skyline
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Turkey Responds To Trump's 'Economic Devastation' Threat

2:03U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May
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Theresa May's Brexit Deal Faces Judgment From Parliament

1:22Mike Pompeo
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Pompeo Lays Out Trump Administration's Middle East Policy

1:51A U.S. Soldier walks toward a tactical vehicle used to provide security during a patrol outside Manbij, Syria.
U.S. Army / Sgt. Nicole Paese

How Turkey Is Complicating The US Withdrawal From Syria

0:52North Korean leader Kim Jong-un
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Kim Jong-Un Visits China For Meeting With Xi Jinping

1:30EU delegation in the U.S. building
EU Delegation to the U.S.

US Downgraded Status Of EU Delegation To The US — And Didn't Tell It

0:51U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton
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Bolton Heads To Turkey, Israel To Talk US Withdrawal From Syria