Jason Rezaian interviews with Newsy

To Jason Rezaian, Solitary Confinement Is Unjust And Inhumane

Rezaian was held captive in an Iranian prison for a year and a half with no idea when he would get out.

  Foreign Policy

1:15U.S. troops in Afghanistan
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Shanahan: US Won't Unilaterally Pull Troops Out Of Afghanistan

1:46Jason Rezaian speaks with Newsy

Moments Before Leaving An Iranian Prison: Jason Rezaian On Freedom

1:11President Xi Jinping and President Donald Trump
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Trump Says He'd Consider Delaying China Tariff Hikes

1:18Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan
U.S. Department of Defense

Acting Defense Secretary Makes Surprise Trip To Afghanistan

0:49U.S. troops in South Korea
U.S. Army

South Korea To Pay More For US Forces Stationed In Country

1:01Person holding a flyer of Jamal Khashoggi
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White House Misses Deadline On Khashoggi Killing

2:18Boxes of humanitarian aid
U.S. Aid

US Aid Gets Snared In Venezuela's Political Crisis

1:53U.S. President Donald J. Trump speaks to Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve senior leaders in December.
U.S. Army National Guard / 1st Lt. Leland White

Iraqis Blast Trump’s Pivot From Fighting ISIS To Watching Iran

1:54Border Patrol agents stand at the border wall separating the United States from Tijuana, Mexico in January 2019
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A Border Wall Won't Stop The US Fentanyl Problem

1:34A beach in Danang, Vietnam
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Vietnam's Success Story Makes It A Model Host For Trump-Kim Talks

2:29Afghan and foreign investigators inspect the site of a suicide car bomb attack on May 18, 2010 in Kabul, Afghanistan.
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Taliban Snub Of Afghan Government Could Hinder Peace Talks

1:14Pershing II missiles
U.S. Department of Defense

INF Treaty's Demise Gives US, Russia Room For New Nuclear Weapons

9:22Kim Jong-un and President Donald Trump
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'The Why' Talks To The Last American To Make A Deal With North Korea

1:49President Trump and President Xi Jinping
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Trump: China and US Want A Trade Deal They Can Both 'Be Proud Of'

24:04A security guard
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'Tell Me More': National Security In The Disinformation Age

1:03Venezuelan supreme court
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Venezuelan High Court Prevents Opposition Leader From Leaving Country

1:10Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell
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Mitch McConnell Pushes Against Troop Withdrawal In Syria, Afghanistan

2:20Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro
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US Commits To Ousting Maduro In Venezuela

1:21Venezuelan and American flags
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Bolton Condemns Violence, Intimidation Against Diplomats In Venezuela

1:07A person holding both a Venezuelan and an American flag
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US Orders Non-Emergency Personnel To Leave Venezuela

2:32Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro
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Venezuela's Maduro Faces His Toughest Challenger Yet

1:09Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
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Pompeo Says The US Is Ready To Send Venezuela $20M In Aid

1:25Protests in Venezuela.
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Russia Warns US And Others Against Military Intervention In Venezuela

1:09Venezuelan National Assembly President Juan Guaido
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Maduro Responds To Trump's Recognition Of Opposition Leader

0:42Protesters ride a motorcycle down a street in Thailand
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Thailand To Hold First General Election Since Military Takeover

0:53President Donald Trump.
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New Bill Would Prevent Trump From Unilaterally Withdrawing From NATO

2:21President Trump at a NATO Summit in July
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What Would Happen If The US Left NATO?

1:11Turkish flag in front of Istanbul skyline
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Turkey Responds To Trump's 'Economic Devastation' Threat

2:03U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May
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Theresa May's Brexit Deal Faces Judgment From Parliament

1:22Mike Pompeo
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Pompeo Lays Out Trump Administration's Middle East Policy