A city skyline in North Korea

U.S. Extends North Korea Travel Ban For Another Year

The ban, which went into effect in 2017, prevents Americans from using a U.S. passport to gain entry to North Korea.

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0:48On Aug. 18, the Defense Department conducted a flight test of a conventional ground-launched cruise missile in California.
U.S. Department of Defense

U.S. Tests Ground Launch Missile After Withdrawing From INF Treaty

0:54An aerial view of Gibraltar
Steve / CC BY SA 2.0

Iranian Oil Tanker Leaves Gibraltar For Greece

0:50Russian soldier in a tank saluting.
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Russia Vows Not To Deploy New Missiles Unless U.S. Deploys Them First

1:03An aerial view of Gibraltar
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U.S. Issues Warrant To Seize Iranian Tanker Held In Gibraltar

1:54U.S. Representative Rashida Tlaib
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U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib Cancels Trip To The West Bank

1:55Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
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Israel Bans U.S. Reps. Omar And Tlaib From Entering The Country

1:01A truck carries a shipping container from China Shipping.
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China Says It Will Retaliate If U.S. Imposes New Tariffs

0:50An aerial view of Gibraltar
Steve / CC BY SA 2.0

Gibraltar Releases Iranian Tanker Despite U.S. Request To Hold It

4:56Iowa farmer Morey Hill says he supports the trade war with China but the support is thinning.

Iowa Farmers Hear Out Candidates Amid Trade War

1:58Guatemalan immigration official
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The U.S.-Guatemala Immigration Agreement Faces Steep Obstacles

0:44U.S. national security adviser John Bolton with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson
Office of U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton

Bolton Says The U.K. Is First In Line For Trade Deal With The U.S.

0:47President Donald Trump.
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Trump Calls Into Question Next Round Of Trade Talks With China

1:21Venezuelan flag
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Trump Signs Executive Order Imposing New Sanctions On Venezuela

1:21Military personnel wearing protective suits load an ambulance on to a truck as they prepare to remove it\
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U.S. Announces New Sanctions Against Russia For Nerve Agent Attack

1:31President Donald Trump
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Trump Might Tariff Nearly Everything From China. How Did We Get Here?

1:03U.S. marines lower the flag to half staff at the U.S. embassy in Kabul
U.S. Air Force

U.S. Prepares To Pull Thousands Of Troops Out Of Afghanistan

2:22Jewish settlers on a construction site in West Bank
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Israel Authorizes 6,000 New Homes For Israelis In Occupied West Bank

0:54An American flag and a Chinese flag
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Latest Round Of U.S.-China Trade Talks Comes To An Abrupt End

1:08Chinese Vice Premier Liu He, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer.
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U.S. And China Resume Trade Talks In Shanghai This Week

1:07U.S. troops during Operation Proper Exit on Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan
U.S. Army

Taliban Says Foreign Troops Reduction In Afghanistan Could Come Soon

0:57Cuban doctors assist a patient in a free health care clinic.
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U.S. Restricts Some Cuban Officials' Visas Related To Medical Missions

1:34Belongings of Palestinian family after earlier demolition near east Jerusalem in 2013.
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Demolitions In West Bank May Imperil Israeli-Palestinian Agreements

1:49Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and U.S. President Donald Trump
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The U.S. And Pakistan Are At Odds Over Counterterrorism Efforts

1:10An Iranian nuclear power plant.
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Iran Says It Arrested 17 Citizens Accused Of Spying For The CIA

1:16Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
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Pompeo Expresses U.S.'s Disappointment In Turkey Missile System Deal

1:17Russian President Vladimir Putin
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Russia Wants To Join The System Skirting U.S. Trade Sanctions On Iran

0:58President Donald Trump and crown prince
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House Votes To Block Arms Sales To Saudi Arabia and UAE

2:18Ayatollah Khamenei speaks with Friday Prayer leaders on Iran Nuclear Deal
Office of Iranian Supreme Leader

Iran Accuses European Countries Of Breaching Nuclear Deal

1:24President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un
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North Korea Threatens To Resume Nuclear Testing

2:09Outgoing U.K. Ambassador to the U.S. Kim Darroch
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Ambassador's Resignation Roils U.K. Leadership Race