Woman wearing a niqab

A New Law Could Force Muslim Women In Quebec To Uncover Their Faces

It's not yet clear how the law, passed Wednesday, will be enforced.

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1:00Chinese President Xi Jinping
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China's Only Political Party Meets To Set Agenda, Pick Leaders

1:29North Korean flag
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The EU Just Hit North Korea With More Sanctions — But Will They Work?

1:17Theresa May (left), Emmanuel Macron (middle), Angela Merkel
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Here's What World Leaders Think Of Trump Decertifying Deal With Iran

1:21Donald Trump
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Trump Officially Declares Iran Is Not Complying With The Nuclear Deal

1:38Trump meets with Henry Kissinger.
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Trump Meets With Henry Kissinger Amid North Korea Crisis

1:07The U.S. Embassy in Turkey
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US And Turkey Suspend Visas In Diplomatic Spat

1:17A Cuban flag flying in front of the country's embassy in Washington, D.C.
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State Department Orders Cuban Diplomatic Staff To Leave US

1:38Rami Hamdallah (second from right) meets with Hamas leaders in Gaza
Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah

Palestinian Authority Members Start Reconciliation With Hamas In Gaza

1:20Interpol flag and agent

Interpol Adds Palestine As Member 'State' Against Israel's Wishes

2:12President Trump delivers U.N. speech.
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Trump Plans Next Move To 'Confront The North Korean Threat'

0:39U.S. Embassy in Havana, Cuba
U.S. Department of State

The US-Cuba Diplomatic Relationship Might Be Headed For A Breakup

1:05Syrian refugees
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State Department Proposes Lowest Refugee Admission Cap Ever

2:18Presidents Richard Nixon (left) and Donald Trump
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Report: Trump's Tactics Have North Korea Asking For Advice

0:45North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho
United Nations

North Korean Official Says President Trump Has Declared War

1:39Khorramshahr missile
Press TV

As Trump Mulls Fate Of Nuclear Deal, Iran Test-Launched A Missile

1:24Olympic logo is displayed for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Games.
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N. Korea Could Cause Problems For S. Korea's 2018 Winter Olympics

1:15U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley
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Top US Diplomat Rex Tillerson Reportedly Skipped Several UN Meetings

1:07Cubans celebrate the opening of the U.S. Embassy
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Cuban Embassy Might Face A Shutdown After Diplomats Get Sick

1:11President Trump
United Nations

Trump Calls For Reform In Muted UN Debut

1:13Hamas militant
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2 Palestinian Factions Could End A Decadelong Rift

0:57Nikki Haley, H.R. McMaster and Sarah Huckabee Sanders
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North Korea Is Pushing Its Limits With The Trump Administration

1:23Kurdish fighters train.
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US Says It Won't Support Kurdistan's Push For Independence

0:45Two North Korean soldiers stand watch.
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North Korea Reportedly Launches Another Missile Over Japan

0:44A deportee
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Trump Follows Through On Campaign Promise About Visas, Deportees

1:26Aung San Suu Kyi gives a speech.
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Amid Rohingya Refugee Crisis, Myanmar's Head Suu Kyi Skips UN Assembly

1:15Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. President Donald Trump
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Israel Chides Iran Nuclear Deal As Hezbollah Declares Victory In Syria

1:03Rebel in Syria
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'Successful' Syrian Cease-Fire Leads To Call For De-escalation Zones

0:56Americans welcome people at an airport.
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Appeals Court Rules More Family Members Are Exempt From Travel Ban

1:16South Korean citizen watches news coverage of North Korea
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These 2 Countries Are Against Ending Fuel Shipments To North Korea

1:49Chinese President Xi Jinping
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Trump's Tough Talk On North Korea Puts China In A Tough Spot