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Street sign diplomacy is common throughout countries around the world, as it's an easy way to score political points.

Street Sign Diplomacy: How Countries Use Street Signs To Troll Rivals

Turns out renaming street signs is a pretty easy, and common, way to score political points against international rivals.

  Foreign Policy

0:29Russian flag.
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Trump Administration Announces New Sanctions Against Russia

0:49Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte
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Duterte Says The Philippines Is Leaving International Criminal Court

1:34President Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson
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The Distance Between Tillerson's State Dept. And Trump's White House

1:01Rex Tillerson leaves Eisenhower Executive Office Building.
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Rex Tillerson Is Out As Secretary Of State

0:37Defense Secretary Jim Mattis
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Mattis Says Some Taliban Factions Might Be Interested In Peace Talks

2:14Kim Jong-un

North Korea Has A Long History Of Deals With The US To Denuclearize

0:50North Korea's Flag
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White House: Sanctions On North Korea Will Stay Amid Talks Preparation

1:07U.S. President Donald Trump
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President Trump To Meet With Kim Jong-Un By May

0:39Secretary of State Rex Tillerson
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Tillerson: The US Is A 'Long Way' From Negotiating With North Korea

0:48Kim Jong-un and South Korea officials
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South Korea Envoys Travel To US To Discuss North Korea Meeting

1:10Erik Prince
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Former Trump Aide May Have Lied Under Oath About Seychelles Meeting

1:53North Korean leader Kim Jong-un
Korean Central News Agency

What Could Convince Kim Jong-un To Give Up His Nukes?

1:02Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. President Donald Trump
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Trump Implies US Is Saving $999,750,000 On Jerusalem Embassy. It's Not

1:06Strikes in Eastern Ghouta
CNN/Damascus Media Center

Nearly 200 Civilians Killed By Regime Airstrikes In Damascus Suburb

1:02U.S. Vice President Mike Pence and North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un's sister Kim Yo-Jong.
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Mike Pence Says He Ignored Kim Jong-Un's Sister At The Winter Olympics

0:58Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
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Israel Says It's Not Changing Syria Strategy After Plane Goes Down

0:41Kim Jong-un, wife, sister
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South Korean President Moon To Meet With Kim Jong-un's Sister

0:362018 Winter Olympics Pyeongchang
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North Korea Closed The Door On Talks With The US At The Olympics

1:32Russian President Vladimir Putin
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Russia May Have Been Involved In An Attack On US Forces In Syria

0:52nuclear weapon
Department of Defense

Pentagon Says Why It Needs 2 New Types Of Nuclear Weapons

0:35Jim Mattis
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Pentagon Announces Major Shift In US Nuclear Policy

0:40Syrian President Bashar al-Assad
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Officials: Syria Might Be Making New Chemical Weapons

1:33President Donald Trump
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Trump's State Of The Union Address Hit North Korea Hard

:52A soldier stands on top of a tank
U.S. Department of Defense

Oversight Group Says DOD Censored Info On War In Afghanistan

:53Donald Trump
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Trump Administration Says New Russian Sanctions Aren't Needed Yet

1:34A destroyed drone
U.S. Department of Defense

US Hopes Weapons Debris Will Get The UN To Crack Down On Iran

:51Secretary of State Rex Tillerson
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Rex Tillerson Says European Powers Will Discuss Iran Nuclear Deal

1:14YPG fighters
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Turkey Says The US Has Agreed To Stop Arming Syrian Kurdish Fighters

:38U.S. President Donald Trump speaks.
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President Donald Trump Could Finally Visit The UK This Year

:45North and South Korean delegates shake hands
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North Korea Is Pushing For Reunification With The South