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Rep. Mo Brooks

Lawmaker Says Climate Change Increases Antarctic Ice — Nope

Rep. Mo Brooks claims ice buildup on Antarctica means the continent is gaining ice. But Antarctica is losing lots more ice than it's gaining.


2:37Man takes health exam at home
American Psychological Association

What Is 'Health Equity'? Lawmakers Are Working To Get It On The Table

1:03U.S. Army soldiers train
U.S. Army

House Overwhelmingly Passes $717 Billion Defense Policy Bill

0:57Sens. Mark Warner, Robert Menendez, and Sherrod Brown
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Three Senators Want To Know Why There Aren't More Russia Sanctions

1:03Rep. Mark Meadows
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Republican Holdouts Could Torpedo Critical Agriculture Bill

1:07Special counsel Robert Mueller
Getty Images

Mueller Hands Over Memo Outlining The Scope Of His Investigation

1:18ZTE logo
Getty Images

House Subcommittee Takes Steps To Keep Sanctions On ZTE

0:48Gina Haspel
Getty Images

Senate Approves Gina Haspel To Be The Next Director Of The CIA

3:25Smokey Robinson testifies before Senate committee
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Lawmakers Are Trying To Modernize Music Licensing Laws

0:58U.S. Capitol
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Senators Reportedly Close To Finalizing Sexual Harassment Legislation


Chelsea Manning On Whether Governments Can Keep Secrets

1:31Sen. John McCain
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White House Won't Say Much About Leaked McCain Remark

2:09"I Voted" stickers

Pennsylvania's New District Map Could Be The Key For Democrats In 2018

1:00Sen. John McCain
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McCain Wants Senators To Vote Against Haspel's Nomination

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Proposed Defense Budget Gives Troops A Raise, Plans For Space Warfare

0:50Florida Gov. Rick Scott
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Did Florida's Governor Really Just Risk Making Most Beaches Private?

1:27US Rep Maxine Waters
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Maxine Waters Threatens Regulation To Fix Tech's Diversity Problem

1:06Rev. Patrick Conroy talks with House members
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House Chaplain Rescinds Resignation After Blowback Over Ouster

0:52Nancy Pelosi
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Pelosi Says She'll Run For Speaker Again If Democrats Retake House

0:51Rod Rosenstein
Getty Images

Rod Rosenstein Doesn't Seem Worried By GOP Impeachment Threat

0:59Scott Pruitt
Getty Images

EPA Confirms Investigation Into Scott Pruitt's Apartment Rental

0:36Rep. Patrick Meehan
Getty Images

After Misconduct Scandal, Rep. Patrick Meehan Resigns From Congress

0:57House Speaker Paul Ryan
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Paul Ryan Reportedly Defends Decision To Oust House Chaplain

1:18Robert Mueller
Getty Images

Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Mueller Protection Bill

Getty Images

EPA Head Scott Pruitt Will Face 2 House Panels Thursday

0:52House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi
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Democrats Winning The House Isn't A Guarantee Taxes Will Go Up

1:29French President Emmanuel Macron
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Macron Pitches Congress On His Globalist Vision

1:11Lobbyist Matt Mika speaks before Republican congressional baseball practice
Getty Images

GOP Congressional Baseball Team Holds First Practice Since Shooting

0:39Debbie Lesko and Hiral Tipirneni

Republican Wins Arizona Seat Despite Tough Fight From Democrat

3:32Military firing range
Department of Defense

AUMF: The Sometimes Blurry Permission Slip For US Military Action

0:41Gina Haspel
CIA via Twitter

CIA Releases Memo On Gina Haspel's Role Destroying Torture Evidence