U.S. Capitol

Senate Passes The GOP Budget Bill, Paving The Way For Tax Reform

Beyond funding the government, the legislation sets aside $1.5 trillion for tax cuts the Republican Party hopes to pass.


0:44Rep. Pat Tiberi
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Rep. Pat Tiberi Becomes The Latest Loss For Moderate Republicans

1:45Steve Bannon
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To Drain The Swamp, Bannon Wants To Bleed GOP Wallets Dry

1:58Jeff Sessions
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Sessions Doesn't Think He Gave False Testimony On Russian Contacts

1:18U.S. Capitol
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That Bipartisan Health Care Deal Isn't Getting Much Bipartisan Support

1:05Sens. Patty Murray and Lamar Alexander
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Bipartisan Deal: Pay Obamacare Subsidies, Lower State Requirements

2:00Exterior of U.S. Capitol
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Tax Reform Fight Clips The Wings Of GOP 'Deficit Hawks'

1:30Rep. Tom Marino
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Trump Promises To Vet Rep. Marino For Drug Role

1:24Woman receives help from FEMA.
Federal Emergency Management Agency

House Approves $36.5 Billion Hurricane And Wildfire Relief Package

1:31Steve Bannon at a Roy Moore rally
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Steve Bannon Has Been Recruiting Candidates, Donors For 2018 Primaries

1:23U.S. Rep. Charlie Dent speaks into a microphone.
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GOP Rep. Thinks More Lawmakers Should Voice Their Concerns Over Trump

1:27Rep. Diane Black gives speech alongside Republican Study Committee.
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House Approves 2018 Budget, Paving The Way For Major Tax Reform

1:51GOP leadership
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GOP Donors Get Stingy As Agenda Stalls In Congress

1:10Rep. Tim Murphy
Office of Rep. Tim Murphy

Rep. Tim Murphy Will Be Out Of Congress Sooner Than Originally Planned

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Trump Asks Congress For $29 Billion In Additional Disaster Aid

1:11Rep Tim Murphy
Office of Rep. Tim Murphy

An Anti-Abortion Congressman Reportedly Asked His Lover To Get One

1:29A girl gets a checkup
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Congress Let A Health Insurance Program Expire That Covers 9M Kids

1:12Officers and bystanders hide behind a police car in Las Vegas
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Las Vegas Shooting Renews Calls For New Gun Laws From Congress

1:44Democratic lawmakers
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Democrats Are Happy To Fight The Obamacare Fight In 2018

1:13Twitter flag at New York Stock Exchange
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Another Social Media Giant Met With Lawmakers To Discuss Russia

1:08Rep. Steve Scalise walks in the Capitol building
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In Return To Capitol Hill, Rep. Steve Scalise Shares His Gratitude

1:07Puerto Rico
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Trump Loosens An Old Shipping Law So More Aid Can Get To Puerto Rico

9:00Roy Moore
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Alabama Senate Race Shines Light On Turmoil In GOP

1:21Donald Trump
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Trump's Tax Plan Aims To Help The Middle Class And Businesses

0:37Former Judge Roy Moore
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Roy Moore Wins Alabama Primary

1:42The U.S. Capitol building
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Congressional Aides Could Be Facing Massive Conflicts Of Interest

0:48Sens. Bill Cassidy, Mitch McConnell
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Reports: Senate Will Not Vote On Obamacare Repeal Bill

0:58Sen. Susan Collins
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Collins Is A 'No' On Graham-Cassidy, Effectively Killing The Bill

1:16Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins
U.S. Senate

Revisions Made To GOP Health Care Bill To Target Key Votes

0:59Sen. John McCain
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John McCain Says He Won't Vote For Graham-Cassidy Health Care Bill

1:51Sens. Bill Cassidy (left) and Lindsey Graham
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Here's A Glimpse At The Latest GOP Health Care Bill, Graham-Cassidy