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Tesla's Solar Roof May Be Stylish, But Is It Affordable?

Tesla is officially selling its new solar roof, but it may not be worth the energy costs it could save you.
Tesla's Solar Roof May Be Stylish, But Is It Affordable?

Tesla is taking its mission of environmental sustainability from the road to right on top of your house.

The company recently announced it's taking orders for a new solar energy project. It's offering to change your roof tiles to solar panels. It even has different colors and styles to match your home.

Installers will mix in the solar tiles with plain glass tiles to achieve the aesthetic the homeowner requests.

Tesla says its quartz glass solar tiles are stronger than regular roof materials, which could come in handy if it starts raining dumbbells. 

Of course the biggest appeal is the chance to have your home at least partially powered by sunlight, saving you money on your energy bills. Though it may be a tough investment for some people to make.

It could cost upward of $20,000 to put a new roof on an average American home, depending on the type of house and tiles.