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Starting a new life in the U.S. could become more difficult under President Donald Trump.

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Cease-Fire Takes Hold In Syrian City As UN, Russia Plan Peace Talks
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Brits Are Upset With The Prime Minister's Response To The London Fire
Bodies Recovered From The USS Fitzgerald After Collision At Sea
Trump Says He's 'Canceling' Obama's Cuba Policy
Helmut Kohl, The Father Of German Unification, Has Died
Russia Says It Might Have Killed ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi
UK Prime Minister Wants Answers About The London Apartment Tower Fire
Putin Says Russia Is Open To James Comey If He Faces 'Persecution'
C'est La Violence: Cameroon Is Fighting Over Language
Doctors Say Otto Warmbier Suffered 'Extensive' Brain Damage
Otto Warmbier's Father: North Korea 'Brutalized And Terrorized' My Son
Rebel Wilson Wins Court Battle Over 'False' Magazine Articles
The US And Qatar Sealed A $12 Billion Deal For F-15 Fighter Jets
Ireland's New Leader At Odds With His British Counterpart
Report Finds 17 Workers Have Died Building Russian Soccer Stadiums
A Controversial Military Incendiary In Iraq, Syria Is Creating Concern
May And Macron Are Going After Websites That Harbor Terrorist Content
Massive Fire At London Apartment Tower Leaves Several Dead
Taiwan's Sovereignty Takes A Hit After Panama Breaks Relations
Child Labor In India Could Be Getting More Dangerous. Here's Why
US College Student Otto Warmbier Has Been Released From North Korea
Senators Look To Impose New Sanctions Against Russia
Dennis Rodman Is Back In North Korea, 'Trying To Open A Door'
Anti-Putin Leader Arrested Before Daylong Protests Across Russia
The Queen's Speech To Parliament May Be Delayed Over Stationery
A New Political Party Could Be Taking Over French Politics
Qatar Hires Former US Attorney General To Fight Terrorism Accusations
2020 Olympics Will Have More Women And 5 New Sports
After A Bad Week At Home, Trump Courts NATO By Committing To Article 5
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Meet The UK's New Kingmakers
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Japan's Emperor Will Be Allowed To Retire, Thanks To A Special Law
The UK Government Is Up For Grabs
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Turkey Fast-Tracks Sending Troops To Qatar
These Rappers Are Delivering The News In Their Own Way
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NATO Officially Welcomes A New Member
Ariana Grande's Manchester Benefit Concert Raises Millions
Gulf Nations Lead Push To Isolate Qatar
The Human Library Movement: Where People Are The Books To 'Read'
In Wake Of London Terror Attack, Trump Pushes For Travel Ban
12 Arrested In Connection To London Bridge, Borough Market Attack
Yemen Compounds Famine And Cholera Crisis By Blocking Aid Workers
Turtles On The Great Barrier Reef Have Human Medication In Their Blood