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Jim Mattis

US Defense Secretary Mattis Says Syria Still Has Chemical Weapons

The Syrian government agreed in 2013 to hand over all of its chemical weapons.


0:58A Malaysian Airlines plane
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Experts Are Pretty Sure About Where The Missing Flight 370 Crashed

1:17Police cars gather in front of the Champs-Élysées
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Terror Suspected In Deadly Paris Shooting Days Before Election

1:31President Trump and Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni
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Trump Prods Italy On NATO Spending

1:08Inside the seized General Motors factory in the city of Valencia, Venezuela.
Chevrolet Venezuela

US Automaker Says Venezuelan Government 'Illegally' Seized Its Factory

1:41Australians protest temporary work visas.
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The US And Australia Are Approaching Foreign Workers In Similar Ways

0:47Venezuela's flag
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Venezuela's Chaotic Protests Leave At Least 3 Dead

1:11Prime Minister Theresa May
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UK Election Debates Won't Feature The Prime Minister

1:31President Donald Trump
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Trump's Latest U-Turn: Renewing The Iran Nuclear Deal

1:25A force reconnaissance Marine goes over threat detection methods with a group of Ugandan soldiers
United States Marine Corps

Uganda Isn't Worried About Its Most Notorious Warlord Anymore

1:35Cara Delevingne in a new Rimmel London ad.
Rimmel London

Why The UK Banned This Ad (And Others Like It)

0:55A Malaysia Airlines plane
Auckland Photo News / CC BY 2.0

Malaysia Airlines Has A New Way To Track Its Planes After Flight MH370

1:02Garden Museum in London

Hidden Crypt Uncovered By Accident In London

1:03Natanz nuclear enrichment facility in Iran
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Trump Orders Review Of Nuclear Deal Even Though Iran Is Complying

2:13USS Carl Vinson strike group in the Indian Ocean.
U.S. Navy

US Didn't Have Its Aircraft Carrier Anywhere Near North Korea

1:18Russia's new military base in the Arctic.
Russian Defense Ministry

Why Russia Just Built A New Military Base In The Arctic

0:58A garbage dump collapse in Sri Lanka has left at least 30 people dead.
Sri Lanka Red Cross

At Least 10 People Still Missing In Sri Lanka Garbage Dump Collapse

1:04British Prime Minister Theresa May
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UK Prime Minister Theresa May Seeks Early General Election

1:15Relative of a Palestinian prisoner holds fence of waiting compound
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Palestinian Prisoners Stage Massive Hunger Strike In Israel

1:08Migrants aboard ship in Mediterranean Sea
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This Organization Says The EU Is Letting Refugees Die At Sea

1:46Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his wife, Asma.
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UK MPs: Revoke Syrian First Lady's British Citizenship

0:58Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan
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The EU Cools On Turkey After Referendum

0:53A Norwegian woman soldier, part of Hunter Troop, aims a gun.
Norwegian Ministry of Defense

This Intense Military Program Is Made Just For Women

1:18Prince Harry, right, and his brother William, the Duke of Cambridge.
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Prince Harry Struggled With Mental Health After His Mother's Death

1:06U.S. Vice President Mike and his wife Karen Pence at Seoul National Cemetery
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Mike Pence Says 'All Options Are On The Table' With North Korea

0:41Former South Korean President Park Geun-hye.
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Former South Korean President Indicted For Bribery

1:10Pope Francis
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Pope Francis Goes Off-Script At Easter Mass, Addressing World Conflict

1:02Brown howler monkey
Peter Schoen / CC BY SA 2.0

A Lot Of Monkeys Are Dying In Brazil, And Humans Aren't Helping

0:45Turks line up to vote in referendum.
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Turkey's President Just Got A Lot More Powerful

0:39Buses ready to carry Syrians away from war-torn towns in government exchange
Aleppo Media Center

Suicide Bomber Kills Over 100 Syrians Leaving War-Torn Towns

0:54A barbed wire fence near the demilitarized zone.
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After Days Of Tension, North Korean Missile Test Fails