Health Care In America
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Millions of people enrolled in President Barack Obama's signature Affordable Care Act. But the future of that health care legislation under President Donald Trump and a Republican-led Congress...
WPI researcher shows spinach leaves that have been removed of plant cells.

Scientists Grow Beating Heart Cells On Spinach Leaves

After noticing spinach leaves have similar vein structure to human tissue, researchers tried to turn the leaves into functioning heart tissue.


1:29Chimpanzee eating fruit
James Higham

The Mysterious Cause Of Humans' Big Brains May Simply Be A Fruity Diet

1:03President Donald Trump
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Trump Will Sign Executive Order To Undo Obama Power Plant Regulations

0:54People running
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The Healthiest Country In The World Is ...

1:05Pipeline protest
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The Keystone XL Pipeline Still Faces At Least One Big Roadblock

0:44A man smokes a cigar
Getty Images / Mike Stobe

A Majority Of Smokers Have A Low Socioeconomic Status, Study Finds

0:55Paul Ryan leaves a meeting.
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GOP Pulls Obamacare Replacement Bill After Failing To Muster Votes

0:42Astronaut conducting spacewalk outside of the International Space Station

Spacewalk Prepares ISS For Commercial Crew

0:57President Donald Trump at his Oval Office desk
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The Trump Administration Gives A Thumbs-Up To The Keystone XL Pipeline

0:40A cancer patient
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Most Cancer-Causing Mutations Might Just Be Bad Luck

1:08Baboons huddled in a group
Logga Wiggler / CC0

How To Thwart Thieving Baboon Gangs

1:03T. Rex skeleton
J.M. Luijt / CC BY 2.5 NL

New Theory Turns 130 Years Of Dinosaur Doctrine On Its Head

1:22Wrinkled hand of an aged person
Whitizia / CC0

This New Treatment Could Make Your Cells Look Young Again

0:54Rusty patched bumblebee
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service / Christy Stewart

This Bee Species Is Finally Listed As Endangered

1:19NASA's Curiosity rover on Mars
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Why NASA's Mars Rover Has Only Moved 10 Miles In 4 Years

0:54A Rottweiler puppy at an event for the American Kennel Club
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Big Breeds Top The American Kennel Club's Most Popular Dogs List

0:52Caribou in Alaska
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Congress Voted To Abolish A Rule Protecting Some Alaskan Wildlife

0:45A shelter with over 900 dogs in Costa Rica
Territorio de Zaguates

You Can Hang Out With 900 Dogs At A Sanctuary In Costa Rica

1:11A close-up of bacteria
Monoar / CC0

Germs Love The International Space Station


Trump Gives NASA The Go-Ahead To Get Humans To Mars

1:01An African penguin
Paula Bronstein / Getty Images

Climate Change And Overfishing Lead African Penguins Into Deadly Traps

1:12A Gall-Peters projection.

Boston Public Schools Are Ditching The Classic World Map

1:19Doctor stethoscope on appointment calendar
Darko Stojanovic / CC0

The Low-Cost Medical Devices That Are Making A Difference

0:49A funnel web spider
David McClenaghan and CSIRO / CC BY 3.0

Australian Spider's Venom Might Prevent Brain Damage From Stroke

1:18Installing solar panels
U.S. Department of Energy

Basic Solar Panels Are Now About As Good As They're Going To Get

1:03Wide receiver Dwight Clark of the San Francisco 49ers in 1984.
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Dwight Clark 'Suspects' Playing In The NFL Gave Him ALS

1:12Bottles of AZT, the first antiviral shown to be effective against AIDS.
National Institutes of Health

30 Years Ago, The FDA Approved The First AIDS Treatment

1:08A bee on a flower.
Marcus Trienke / CC by SA 2.0

Critics Say Cheerios' Bee-Saving Campaign Could Hurt Some Ecosystems

1:14The Flint River
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EPA Gives Michigan $100M To Help Fix Flint's Water Issues

0:45The red giant star LL Pegasi
ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO)/H. Kim et al., ESA/NASA & R. Sahai

As A Red Giant Dies, Astronomers Watch In Awe

1:12Two men
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Your Nose Shape Is A Clue About Where Your Ancestors Lived