Health Care In America
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Millions of people enrolled in President Barack Obama's signature Affordable Care Act. But the future of that health care legislation under President Donald Trump and a Republican-led Congress...
A fence on the U.S. border with Mexico.

Did Congress Start Funding Trump's Wall? Depends Who You Ask

Democrats say they blocked funding for Trump's border wall. The White House says the $1.5 billion in new border security funds is just as good.


1:03House Speaker Paul Ryan
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Trump Pushes For Second Health Care Vote Without The Votes In Congress

1:39Airline executives field questions at a hearing
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Lawmakers Didn't Pull Any Punches When Criticizing Airline Reps

0:51The Trump family
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Protecting The First Family Is Getting Really Expensive

1:01Dark US Capitol building
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Trump Says The US 'Needs A Good Shutdown'

1:02Medical marijuana plants being grown

Medical Marijuana Is Safe From A Federal Crackdown For Now

0:54The U.S. Capitol, Sen. Mitch McConell and Sen. Chuck Schumer
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A New Budget Deal Will Likely Save The Government From Shutdown

0:50U.S. Capitol building
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Congress Just Passed A Bill To Avoid A Government Shutdown — For Now

1:25Senate Democrats
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Trump Might Need Democrats' Support For Tax Reform

1:17Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows
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Get Ready For Round 2 Of The GOP's Health Care Reform

0:45Donald Trump
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Trump Backs Off Wall Deal, Would Settle For 'Border Security' Money

1:53Sens. Mark Warner and Richard Burr
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Congress Is Its Own Obstacle In Russia Probe

1:15President Donald Trump hosts Republican congressional leaders
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The Proposed Border Project Could Shut Down The Government

:51U.S. House of Representatives chamber
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When Congress Comes Back To D.C., Here's What They'll Be Working On

0:57OBM Director Mick Mulvaney
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Republicans Offer Democrats A Dollar-For-Dollar Budget Deal

1:03Rep. Tom MacArthur and Rep. Mark Meadows
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New Deal Aims To Bridge Republican Health Care Divide

1:59Sen. Claire McCaskill
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One Senator Says The Partisan Divide In D.C. Isn't As Bad As It Seems

1:24Rep. Jason Chaffetz
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One Of Congress' Most Powerful Figures Isn't Running For Re-election

1:43US Capitol building.
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Another Government Shutdown? Here's Why This Keeps Happening

0:45Jon Ossoff
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Georgia's Special Election Isn't Over Yet

0:50Ron Estes
Ron Estes For Congress

GOP Holds On To House Seat In Kansas Special Election

2:00The Senate side of the U.S. Capitol.
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Now That SCOTUS Filibusters Are Gone, Legislative Ones Could Be Next

0:49Mitt Romney
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Mitt Romney Might Run For US Senate In Utah In 2018

1:01Senate Budget Committee Chairman Sen. Kent Conrad (D-ND) stands outside of the U.S. Capitol.
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The Senate Has Officially 'Gone Nuclear'

0:47Rep. Devin Nunes talks to the media
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House Intel Chairman Devin Nunes Is Stepping Aside From Russia Probe

1:05Mitch McConnell and Neil Gorsuch
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Cloture And The Nuclear Option: What To Know About The Gorsuch Vote

1:09Judge Neil Gorsuch
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Senate Committee Votes To Approve Neil Gorsuch's SCOTUS Nomination

1:02Representative Devin Nunes
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NYT: Nunes Got Surveillance Claims From White House Officials

1:05President Trump and Paul Ryan
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President Trump And Paul Ryan Press Republicans For Lack Of Support

1:26Photo illustration of Google logo reflected in eye
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People Are Raising Money To Buy Lawmakers' Internet Histories

1:09Sens. Richard Burr and Mark Warner
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Senate Intel Committee Presents United Front On Russia Investigation