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Millions of people enrolled in President Barack Obama's signature Affordable Care Act. But the future of that health care legislation under President Donald Trump and a Republican-led Congress...
Frog sitting on ground

This Frog's Slime Could Help Kill The Flu Virus

But it won't be hitting drugstores anytime soon.


1:05Giant shipworm removed from its shell

This 5-Foot 'Worm' Lives In A Shell And Runs On Sulphur

1:02Brown howler monkey
Peter Schoen / CC BY SA 2.0

A Lot Of Monkeys Are Dying In Brazil, And Humans Aren't Helping

1:46An ocelot crossing sign in Texas
Jeff B / CC BY 2.0

A Border Wall Would Be Bad News For Wild Cats

1:01Leafcutter ants
Ross Elliott / CC BY 2.0

Ants Have Been Running Sophisticated Farms For 30 Million Years

0:47A Leidy's comb jelly
Michael Bentley / CC BY 2.0

Meet What Could've Been The First Animals To Ever Evolve

1:09Man with a harpoon gun
International Whaling Commission

Norway Opens This Year's Whaling Season With Huge Kill Quota

1:09Two giant pandas eat bamboo.
Getty Images

China Plans Massive Panda Preserve

0:58Plankton spearing its prey
Dr. Urban Tillmann

Lowly Plankton Have Evolved Sophisticated Harpoon Guns

0:38Manatee and calf
psyberartist / CC BY 2.0

Florida's Manatees Aren't Endangered Anymore

1:10An elephant at the Mashatu game reserve.
Getty Images

China's Ivory Trade Is Dying, And That's Good For African Elephants

1:04Tyrannosaurus rex covered in feathers
RJ Palmer / CC BY 4.0

The Real T. Rex Is Fuzzy-Bodied, Scaly-Faced And Lippy

1:11Tadpole with eye on its tail
Allen Discovery Center at Tufts University

Scientists Are Growing Working Eyes Where Eyes Shouldn't Grow

0:55One of the tigers caught on camera in the Thai jungle
Thailand Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation / Freeland

Tiger Cub Discovery Gives Researchers Hope For This Endangered Species

1:29Chimpanzee eating fruit
James Higham

The Mysterious Cause Of Humans' Big Brains May Simply Be A Fruity Diet

1:08Baboons huddled in a group
Logga Wiggler / CC0

How To Thwart Thieving Baboon Gangs

0:54A Rottweiler puppy at an event for the American Kennel Club
Getty Images

Big Breeds Top The American Kennel Club's Most Popular Dogs List

0:52Caribou in Alaska
Getty Images

Congress Voted To Abolish A Rule Protecting Some Alaskan Wildlife

0:45A shelter with over 900 dogs in Costa Rica
Territorio de Zaguates

You Can Hang Out With 900 Dogs At A Sanctuary In Costa Rica

1:01An African penguin
Paula Bronstein / Getty Images

Climate Change And Overfishing Lead African Penguins Into Deadly Traps

1:52Fitting a bear with a tracking collar
U.S. Geological Survey

Trackers Used To Monitor Animals Can Also Be Used Against Them

Getty Images

There's Nothing Itsy Bitsy About The Number Of Bugs Spiders Eat

Goldfish with disorder in its tiny makeshift wheelchair
Taylor Dean @Taylorndean

Goldfish With Bladder Disorder Gets Personalized Wheelchair

0:49Vince and one of his fellow rhinos at the Thoiry Zoo.
Parc Zoologique de Thoiry

Poachers Broke Into A French Zoo And Killed A Rhino For Its Horns

Four foxes
Twitter / FarisBerg

Japan's Bunny Island And Fox Village Are Cute — But Hurt Ecosystems

U.S. National Park Service

Wyoming's Wolves Could Soon Be Shot On Sight

1:08Wooly mammoths
Mauricio Antón / CC by 2.0

Island Mammoths Outlived Others, But A Gene 'Meltdown' Ended Their Run

0:55The exterior of U.S. Bank Stadium.
Getty Images

This Stadium Is Invisible To Birds — And That Can Be Deadly

0:52A young elephant eats branches
Getty Images

Wild Elephants Might Only Need 2 Hours Of Sleep A Night

0:48Two baby goats in rehabilitation
Instagram / @goatsofanarchy

Meet The Goats Of Anarchy: A Rescue Farm For Baby Goats

0:51Clouded leopard cub
Amiee Stubbs / Nashville Zoo

This Clouded Leopard Cub Is One Of A Kind